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Everything Else

It’s National Selfie Day! Social media can be great, but...

Money & Marriage

When you first get engaged or married, everything seems perfect....

Real Life On A Budget

What if I told you you can save $500 in...

Kids & Money

Happy early Father’s Day! My dad, Dave Ramsey, stopped by...

Everything Else

One of the key topics in my book Love Your...

Debt-Free Living

There are so many things out there that you can...

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Rachel Cruze, Dave Ramsey's daughter, learned how to handle money and avoid the dangers of debt at an early age. Now Rachel has a passion to help others learn the same priciples, and she's traveling the country sharing her message of hope.

Nov 07

Smart Money

Phoenix, AZ
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Nov 13

Money & Marriage

Murfreesboro, TN
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