Saving money should be fun, not stressful.

Take the 14-Day Money Finder challenge to start saving. The average person finds $2,000 for the year!

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Having a plan for your money will give you freedom and help you to stop feeling like you’re always trying to catch up.

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The average family who uses the debt snowball method pays off all their debt in 18 to 24 months.

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Save Money

Do you feel like you’re having trouble making progress toward your savings goals each month?

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Rachel Cruze Rachel Cruze

Hi, I’m Rachel.

I’m a spender at heart. And I love pizza. I also hated budgeting with a passion growing up. You can imagine how awkward that was at times, since Dave Ramsey is my dad. No pressure there! But as I learned what a budget can do, I found a fun way to balance spending and saving money. Yes, fun!

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I want to thank you for putting together the 14-Day Money Finder! Between reevaluating our food bill, changing our insurance policies, and adjusting our entertainment budget, we figure that we are saving $3,541 annually—that’s huge!


Well, well, well . . . I stuck it out for the 14 days. I actually managed to find money! I didn’t think it was possible because I was (or, thought I was) at bare bones . . . I found a total of $2,100 in my budget! Thanks so much for your 14-Day Money Finder.


After participating in Rachel’s 14-day challenge, we came up with $2,000 to put toward our house and an additional $210/month to decrease the principal on our mortgage and contribute to our savings.


Thank you for this Money Finder. Just by switching my insurance I was able to save $2,200 per year for the same coverage.


Thank you SO, SO, SO, SO much for this money-finding challenge! I can save 268€ per month, or 3,216€ per year, with no significant change to my lifestyle. In fact, I much prefer the changes I’ve made!


14-Day Money Finder Challenge

Two Weeks. Practical Tips. Big Results.

Can you make it through my 14-Day Money Finder challenge?

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