2 Reasons You Must Vote

I’ve got to be honest with you guys. Politics is my guilty pleasure.

I’m not sure why I love all the intrigue of the political season, but I just can’t stop following it.

Sure, part of it’s the drama. But it’s also just the fact that voting is so important. All of the debates, all the discussion—it all eventually leads to election day and exercising your right to vote.

Political discussion can be high-level sometimes, and maybe it seems like it’s not important to you personally. But the decisions you make on election day can have a direct effect on your life. Here are two things to remember as you vote today.

Your vote will affect future generations.
Think about that: How you vote (or don’t vote) could have an effect on your kids or future kids. This is important stuff!

Voting is how you express your voice.
If you don’t vote, you can’t complain. Get involved!

Go out there and vote. And if you haven’t registered yet, make sure you get that done before the next election.

Now grab a friend and head to the polls!