20 Things I Spent Money On in the ’90s

I’m a proud child of the 1990s.

The TV shows—Saved by the Bell, anyone? The music—I still know every word to every Backstreet Boys song. And who can forget all the crazy fun toys that came and went during that decade?

Let’s take a moment to remember some of them.

Gel Pens: I loved these! The ink was so colorful!

gel pens

Blow-Up Furniture: Remember when blow-up chairs were all the rage? Yeah, I actually spent money on one. Not sure what I was thinking!

blow up furniture

Lava Lamps: All the cool kids had lava lamps in the ’90s. You could sit and stare at them for hours!

lava lamp

Hubba Bubble® Bubble Jug Gum: Made by Hubba Bubba, it was only the most delicious bubble gum ever. And it came in a cute little plastic jug! What ever happened to Bubble Jug?

bubble jug

Crayola® Silly Putty: I probably spent hours playing with Silly Putty.

silly putty

Nintendo® Game Boy Games: Y’all, I loved my Nintendo Game Boy so much.


Jelly Shoes: These were the “it” shoes of my childhood—like PVC for your feet! What were we thinking?

jelly shoes

Pogo Sticks: They were a broken leg waiting to happen, but somehow I made it through the 1990s without injuring myself on a pogo stick.

pogo sticks

Mattel® Polly Pockets: They were so tiny. And cute! And so much fun!

polly pocket

Slinkies: Everyone has had a Slinky at some point, right? Then they’d get tangled and thrown in the trash.


Slap Bracelets: They were kind of dangerous, and even banned in some states, but didn’t they look cool?

slap bracelets

Mattel Barbies®: Of course I had a Barbie!


Ty Beanie Babies®: They were all the craze. And, yes, I had quite a few.

beanie babies

Hasbro® Pogs: Every ’90s kid had a set of pogs. Who knew cardboard circles could be so much fun?


Talkgirl™: It was just a little voice recorder, but it was so addictive!


Yo-Yos: It seems like yo-yos come and go in popularity, and the 1990s was definitely a high point.

Fisher Price® Doodle Bears: Plush teddy bears that you could draw on with washable markers? I’d still play with one.

Milton Bradley® Dream Phone: This one’s a little embarrassing, but who remembers talking to those cute guys in the Dream Phone game?

dream phone
Tamagotchi®: If your parents didn’t think you could care for a real pet, they might buy you a Tamagotchi—a little digital pet that you could take care of with the push of a few buttons.


View-Master®: Just like a Slinky and yo-yo, the View-Master is the toy that never goes away. And it was super popular in the 1990s, too.

view master

What a fun trip down memory lane, right?

These days, there are so many trends and fun, new toys that we may be tempted to buy for our kids. And there’s nothing wrong with spending money on something—a latest and greatest toy, a nice dress, a seven-foot-tall stuffed giraffe, whatever it is—as long as you’ve budgeted for that purchase!

Do you ever wonder how much money people spent on Beanie Babies in the 1990s? And I’m guessing many of them were purchased with credit cards. That’s crazy!

I always tell you guys to have fun with your spending, but don’t go crazy buying things you can’t afford. Take it from a 1990’s kid—what’s popular and cool to buy today might not be so cool tomorrow!