5 Books on My Reading List

Ever heard the saying “leaders are readers?”

I’ve got to admit, I’m not always the best about reading. But, as I’ve gotten older, it’s something I’ve started making more time for. If I want to be a leader and influencer, I’ve got to read, right?

So here are some of the books I’ve been reading lately. Maybe you’ll see one you want to check out!

1. Killing Lincoln by Bill O’Reilly
Whether or not you like Bill O’Reilly, you have to admit he’s got a knack for writing good books. Killing Lincoln is another one. I couldn’t put it down.

2. The Residence by Kate Andersen Brower
This book feeds my fascination with first families and wanting to know more about them. It’s a fascinating and historical, behind-the-scenes look inside the White House.

3. Mrs. Kennedy and Me by Clint Hill and Lisa McCubbin
Again, I love first families! Jackie O. was one of the most famous first ladies ever, and this book is a great biography about her life.

4. Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall, Denver Moore and Lynn Vincent
This one’s a novel, and it’s a real tearjerker. So grab the Kleenex and settle in. This is an incredible story.

5. The Ideal Team Player by Patrick Lencioni
If you’re business-minded, this is the book for you. It’s a great guideline on what to look for when hiring new team members.

That’s just a small taste of what I’ve added to my bookshelf recently. And, now that fall is here, I can’t wait to grab a blanket and some coffee and read even more!

What books have you been reading lately? Add Love Your Life, Not Theirs to your list today!