A Different Way to Give This Christmas

One of the most difficult parts of Christmas can be trying to think of fun, unique ideas for your kids.

If you need a little help simplifying your list this year, I’ve got a great way for you to do just that. I call it Want, Wear, Need and Read.

Here’s how it works.

Instead of loading up on a shopping cart full of toys, half of which your kid will forget about by New Year’s Day, try replacing them with a few other things.

Let’s start with the want.

This is where the one toy, game or gadget your kid has been dying to have fits in. This is the Malibu Barbie, the Elmo doll, the Death Star Legos set and so on. It’s probably the “biggie” on their list, so if it works in your budget, then start there.

Next, buy something your child will wear.

It’s wintertime, so you might go for a new winter jacket or vest. Or it might be time to replace your kid’s shoes. You get the idea.

After that, buy something your child needs.

Maybe it’s time to upgrade the old Ninja Turtle backpack or something else they use at school. This might not be the most glamorous gift, but it will be practical and useful.

Finally, buy a book your child can read.

It’s always a great idea to encourage a love for reading, so use Christmas as another opportunity to do that. Write the date in the book so they’ll always know when they received it.

This short four-part list is a great way to keep you focused on what to give without going overboard. Plus, you can find inexpensive stuff (or as expensive as you like) in all four categories.

Give the Want, Wear, Need and Read list a try this Christmas and see how it works for your family!

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