Understanding the Psychology of Money and What It’s Costing You

The psychology of money is very real, and if you can harness the power of your own mind, you can change your whole financial situation.

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Rachel Cruze pointing to a sign that says money mindset.

How to Change Your Money Mindset

What beliefs, attitude and mindset do you have around money? What you believe will directly affect the way you handle money.
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Rachel Cruze looking worried about money

How to Stop Worrying About Money

Money is the #1 thing Americans worry about, even before their jobs, families or health. Here’s how to stop worrying about money for good.
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Rachel Cruze holding money

5 Ways to Improve Your Financial Health

If it’s time to reevaluate your financial health, here are five simple ways to improve your financial position.
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Rachel Cruze holding an envelope labeled giving with money coming out.

The Importance of Giving Back

Real financial peace doesn’t happen until you’re giving back. Here’s how to become a generous giver and change peoples’ lives.
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Rachel Cruze standing in front of a screen that says financial goals.

How to Set Financial Goals

Your financial goals should give you focus and keep you accountable. Here’s how to create financial goals.
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How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

If you’re ready to stop comparing yourself to others and focus on your own life, here’s how.
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5 Proven Ways To Achieve Financial Security

You can take the first step toward real financial security today. Just start with these five things!

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10 Easy Ways to Grocery Shop on a Budget

Food is one of my absolute favorite things in this world. Costco actually has its own category in my budget because those samples just speak to me. I’m not alone in my passion for food: The average American family of four spends between $567–1,106 on…

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How Long Does It Take to Pay Off Student Loans?

How long does it really take to pay off student loans? Here's how you can pay off student loans faster than ever!

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