The Important Lessons My Dad Taught Me

I love Father’s Day. Maybe that’s because some of my best memories as a kid were with my dad.

You know him as Dave Ramsey—the radio show host, the author, the speaker. But I’ve been blessed to have him as my dad.

One of my favorite memories with dad was the many daddy-daughter “dates” he took me on as a kid. My mom would help me get dressed up, and after work he would come home, with flowers in his hand, and pick me up in the car. He would let me pick the restaurant, and he always opened all the doors for me. That made me feel so grown up!

When I was older and in college, dad drove several hours across the state to go with me to a sorority function. It was one of those fancy formal events, which I knew wasn’t his favorite thing, but he did it because he knew the event was important to me.

Even when I disobeyed him and did something to upset my parents, he always treated me with love and respect. He had a way of telling me what I did wrong in a loving way. When I cried, he would bring a warm washcloth and wipe away my tears.

Today, I’ve learned so many things from him that it’s impossible to list them all. He taught me about integrity, hard work and discipline. When I’m tired from traveling all over the country to different speaking events, I often think back to those lessons.

The most important thing my dad did for me was model what it means to be a good father. When I got married a few years ago, I knew I’d found the perfect husband for me. Why? Because of my dad’s example, I knew exactly the type of man I was looking for: someone devoted to God, his family, and providing hope to other people.

I want to thank my dad and all the other dads out there who participate in their kids’ lives and teach them along the way. You’re giving hope and truly making a difference in their lives and in their future.

Happy Father’s Day!