Which Saved by the Bell Personality Are You Based on Your Money Habits?

One of my biggest guilty pleasures from the 1990s was Saved by the Bell. I absolutely loved that show!

Recently, I thought it would be a fun idea to combine my love of Saved by the Bell with my passion for helping people with their money. So, what better way to do that than a Saved by the Bell money personality quiz?

Hang with me here. This is going to be fun.

Below, I’ve written 10 money-related, multiple-choice questions. Pick the answer that is most like you.

1. How many credit cards do you have?

a. At least 6.
b. None.
c. One, just to build my credit.
d. Too many to count.
e. Oh, are those the things the bank sends in the mail?

2. How old were you when you had your first job?

a. Never had one. My parents paid for everything.
b. As early as I could get one. Work = money.
c. After college, because school was my priority.
d. In high school, because my parents made me.
e. Does it count as a first job if you got fired the first day?

3. If you found $100, what would you do with it?

a. Go to the mall.
b. Save it for something fun, like prom.
c. Invest it.
d. Throw a party.
e. Lose it.

4. What’s your first thought when you hear the word “debt?”

a. Yay! Free money!
b. Danger! I stay away.
c. Are you talking about good debt or bad debt?
d. It’s the only way I can do fun things.
e. Every time I’ve applied, I’ve been turned down.

5. How did you pay for college?

a. My parents paid.
b. Worked my way through.
c. Scholarships.
d. Student loans.
e. Didn’t attend college.

6. How would you pay for a date?

a. I’m not paying!
b. I’d use cash if my date didn’t pay.
c. We would go dutch.
d. Credit card.
e. Can’t get a date.

7. What is your credit score?

a. I use a credit card for everything, so it must be good.
b. Don’t have one. I use cash only.
c. I don’t know the exact number, but I’m definitely not sharing it online!
d. Tried to find it 6 months ago, but my log-in didn’t work.
e. What’s a credit score?

8. When you look in your closet, what do you see?

a. Lots of clothes but nothing to wear.
b. Some up-to-date fashion staples, but nothing over the top.
c. I’m great with what I have because it works.
d. No matter what it is, I look good!
e. Look in my closet? I can’t even open the door.

9. Do you have a budget?

a. Heck no! Why do I need to say no to myself when spending money?
b. Kind of. But I don’t keep good track of it.
c. Yes! I use EveryDollar and love to track my transactions every day.
d. Yes, but it never works.
e. What is a budget?

10. What do you spend most of your money on at Christmas?

a. Myself, of course!
b. My family.
c. A list of 10 people, but no more.
d. Party! Bring on the eggnog.
e. Postage on letters to Santa.

If you answered the questions with mostly:

(a.) You’re Lisa, a spender!
(b.) You’re Kelly, a saver!
(c.) You’re Jessie, a saver!
(d.) You’re Zack, a spender!
(e.) You’re Screech, a saver!

So which character are you?

No matter what your personality is, everyone has some room to improve—whether it’s learning to save more or learning how to have a little fun with money too.

In my new book Love Your Life, Not Theirs, I present seven money habits that will help you live the life you want. So whether you want to be more like Kelly, less like Lisa, or somewhere in between, Love Your Life, Not Theirs will help you take that first step. You can preorder your copy today!