Why Did I Write Smart Money Smart Kids?

So why did I write Smart Money Smart Kids with my dad?

Let me tell you all about it.

For years, people have asked my dad how he taught his kids about money. They want to know what to teach, when to start teaching, and how to make the lessons and principles stick.

More and more students are entering college and the workplace without any idea of how to do simple things like budgeting and spending less than you make. They don’t know how debt and interest work. They don’t know the basics of money.

Because they don’t know the basics, they’re making devastating money mistakes that are affecting their entire future. Between student loans and credit cards, these young adults are deep in debt before they even interview for their first job!

That’s the situation we’re facing, and that’s the problem that my dad and I want to help fix with Smart Money Smart Kids.

If parents take the time to intentionally teach their kids about money, I truly believe we can raise up a generation that will win with money. These lessons have the power to make a lasting impact because you’re not just teaching them how to be responsible kids—you’re teaching them how to be responsible adults.

I know firsthand the impact these lessons can have. As I see some of my peers struggling to make ends meet or work their way out of debt, I’m so thankful my parents took the time to teach me and my siblings about money.

As an adult, I’m winning with money not just because I’m Dave Ramsey’s daughter, but because I learned God’s ways of handling money—and I’ve been following them all my life.

You can have the type of impact too. By working these lessons into your everyday life, you can raise money-smart kids. So no matter how old your kids are or where you are financially, start teaching them these principles today.

I want to help you do that, and that’s why my dad and I wrote Smart Money Smart Kids.

As you might know, the book releases today! Find out more and order your copy!