Why I Wrote My New Book, “Love Your Life, Not Theirs”

As I have traveled and talked to people all across the country, I’ve noticed one issue pop up again and again in conversations. Comparisons.

More than ever, we are comparing ourselves to other people, and social media plays a huge role in this. But social media isn’t entirely to blame. We are allowing our friends to set the pace for our lives—and it isn’t healthy.

For example, let’s say you’ve just returned home from an awesome and relaxing vacation. Then, a week later, your friend posts a photo on Facebook of her feet in the sand, a fruity drink in her hand, and the ocean in the background. Maybe the beach or the hotel she’s staying at is “nicer” than the one you went to. Do you feel that little twinge of jealousy?

Why is that? Comparing ourselves to others is so ingrained in us—especially those of us on social media—that we don’t even realize we’re doing it. Before we know it, we are discontent with our own lives, and we begin spending more money to keep up with a life we probably can’t afford—all because we feel like we’re missing out.

Understand, I’m preaching to the choir here. I struggle with comparison too. What I realized, though, is someone’s life on social media isn’t a full picture of their life.

Maybe they can afford all those things they post about. But maybe they can’t. In my experience, it’s never a good idea to try and keep up with the Joneses. Because, too often, the Joneses are broke and struggling with money, no matter what it looks like from the outside.

In Love Your Life, Not Theirs, I wanted to address these problems and help people get out of the endless cycle of comparisons that often lead to poor money management. I want to give them the tools to create the life they love—not the life they see in someone else!

When you put good money habits in place—habits like steering clear of debt, making a plan for your money, and talking about money, even when it’s hard—you’ll enjoy a life with less debt, stress and worry.

I’m so incredibly excited about reaching people with Love Your Life, Not Theirs. This is a message that needs to be heard in today’s culture. My hope is that this book will help people to not only beat the battle of comparisons, but to also begin truly living the life they want.

If you want to quit the game of comparisons and develop healthy money habits in your own life, you can order Love Your Life, Not Theirs now!