How Millennials Can Become Millionaires

If I told you guys you could be completely debt-free, including a mortgage, by the time you’re 26 . . . what would you say?

I’m crazy, right?

But I’m not! That’s a reality for Jimmy and Candace, a cute couple from Oklahoma City who paid off $162,000, including their house, in 33 months! That’s amazing!

Jimmy and Candace have been married five years, have no kids, and are now set up to win in ways that seems unrealistic to some twentysomething couples.

So how’d they do it?

They started listening to The Dave Ramsey Show a few years ago, when they still had six figures in debt between their car and house. After a while of listening, they started to get serious. Candace is an accountant, so she has the numbers thing down.

“At first, it was difficult,” Candace said. “We were newly married, without kids, and we wanted to travel.” But they made some sacrifices and gave up traveling and eating out for a while. Candace even temporarily became Jimmy’s barber.

Jimmy agreed. “Delayed gratification was definitely the hardest thing. Sometimes it was easier than others.” After those sacrifices, they came out on the other side stronger—financially and relationally—than ever.

Think about the millions of dollars this couple will now be able to save over the course of their lifetime, instead of handing it off to the bank.

Candace said getting rid of social media was one of her keys to winning. “It inundates you. You see that someone bought this and someone else bought that, and it brings you down because you want those things too. It’s just about being content.”

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Here’s the moral of the story. Your situation might be similar to Jimmy and Candace’s situation or it might be completely different. But the most important thing is that you realize you can do this. You can be debt-free. You can pay off the house!

Maybe you can’t, or didn’t, get there before 26. Most of us can’t! But set a goal, just like this young couple, and work as hard as you can to make that goal a reality!

If you’re 30, set a goal to be out of debt by the time you’re 35! Take a look at your priorities and spending habits, and, most importantly, make a plan!

Jimmy and Candace prove that no matter how old or young you are, you can get completely out of debt. Why not start today?