Log in to your bank account and add up how much you spent on 1) groceries and 2) eating out last month.

The average American family spends $567–1,106 on food each month.1 Depending on your lifestyle, that might seem like a whole lot, or not enough!

If you tend to overspend on eating out, I get it. Believe me, I love to get out and go to restaurants.

And there’s nothing wrong with that—unless you’re overdoing it.

Today, I want you to find out how much money you spend every month on food. Break it up into two categories: groceries and restaurants. Log in to your bank account and total how much you spent in those areas last month.

Groceries: $______________
Restaurants: $______________

What’s your reaction to those numbers? Surprised? Relieved? Shocked?

Don’t beat yourself up if you spent a ton of money on food last month. Tomorrow, I’ll show you how to cut back on that number and get back money you don’t even know you have!

Remember to keep track of these numbers by using this free PDF or record them with EveryDollar.You’ll need them later!