Financial Peace Junior

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Teaching Kids How to Win With Money!

Part of the Junior’s Adventures series, Financial Peace Junior gives parents the tools they need to raise money-smart kids. The kit covers four basic concepts: working, spending, saving and giving.

Even if your financial history hasn’t been perfect, you have the opportunity to teach your child to live differently. The Financial Peace Junior toolkit includes:

Junior’s Parent Guide gives step-by-step instructions on how to use the kit and provides insight into what money concepts kids are capable of understanding in different “ages and stages.”

Junior’s Activity Book is filled with fun illustrations, coloring pages, and activities to engage kids of all ages in the chapter lessons.

Launchpad poster and stickers help kids to celebrate the completion of each activity.

Dry-erase chore chart with magnetic chore labels and a dry-erase pen allow kids to mark their progress.

Give, Save and Spend envelopes help kids to budget their hard-earned money.

Smart Money Smart Kids e-book offers parents even more advice on how to raise money-smart kids.