The Graduate Survival Guide


The Perfect High School Graduation Gift!

The Graduate Survival Guide is the book and video you wish you had before you went to college! It unpacks the five most common mistakes college students make and covers topics such as student loans, credit cards, living on a budget, and saving money.

Product Overview

In The Graduate Survival Guide, Anthony ONeal and Rachel Cruze identify five mistakes to avoid making in college. Authentic, real-life stories from Anthony, Rachel, and others will help high school graduates recognize how these mistakes can negatively impact their financial future.

The Graduate Survival Guide will help students:

  • Learn how to make smart financial decisions during college.
  • Put into practice healthy money habits to keep them out of debt.
  • Take responsibility for saving money and spending with a plan.
  • Discover how to avoid student loans and pay cash for college.

Also included is a humorous and informative DVD featuring Anthony and Rachel as well as insights from college students. The Graduate Survival Guide will teach high school graduates how to win with money, both now and in the future.