3 Tricks for Saving on Your Halloween Party

Everywhere you turn, somebody’s decorating their house or hosting a fancy party. It’s hard to walk down the street without seeing a four-foot spider hanging from a tree covered in cobwebs.

Sure, Halloween is fun, but there’s no need to give into the pressure to host some fancy costume party with a table full of food. But if Halloween is your thing, and you just can’t get over the idea of not hosting, then I’ve got some tips to help keep your Halloween party on a budget.

1. Let Your Friends Help

You’re the host, so you set the rules, right? Ask your friends to bring a dish or appetizers with them. That way, you’re not left cooking and preparing everything. That could be scary expensive. Sorry, cheesy pun.

2. Get Creative With Your Costume

I know you don’t want to dress up as the same zombie every year, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy a brand-new costume every year either. What can you use from your current wardrobe? And remember, makeup you already have can do wonders for a ghoulish Halloween appearance!

3. Keep Your Decorations Simple

Nobody’s going to remember how many pumpkins you had throughout your house, or whether or not you lined your staircase with cobwebs. It’s easy to overdo it and really overspend with decorations. But you can save cash by avoiding that pressure and keeping it simple.

The important thing to remember about hosting a party—whether it’s at Halloween or Christmas—is that it’s about being with friends. That’s where all your memories and your Facebook pictures will come from.

I know this sounds a little sappy, but your decorations will only last for the night, while the memories you making with friends in zombie costumes will last forever.

So if you’re throwing a Halloween shindig this year, don’t give in to the pressure to go all out on everything. There’s nothing wrong with hosting the best Halloween party ever . . . on a budget