5 Money Pitfalls in the Fall

Before you know it, the leaves will be turning, football will be on television, and you won’t be sweating like it’s your day job.

What does that mean? Fall is right around the corner!

It’s easy to get so wrapped up in summer fun that you forget to think ahead about what’s to come. But just think back to last fall when all the kids in your youth group were back in school and you were organizing events at the church.

Fall can get crazy, but you don’t want to forget about taking care of things at home—especially when it comes to managing your money.

Here are some things to think about before fall gets here…

1. School Supplies

The kids are going to need them. Whether you buy them now or begin saving up for the back-to-school sales, don’t forget about the backpacks and the notebooks and the pencils. (Read my 6 Quick Back-to-School Shopping Tips!)

2. Back-to-School Clothes

It’s weird, but kids actually grow. That means you’ve got to get new clothes for them every now and then. You don’t want your 7th grader showing up to the first day of class with his jeans reaching barely past his ankles. Plan ahead to be sure your kids don’t look like Steve Urkel on the first day of school.

3. Events

All those kids in your youth group have a lot of stuff going on. And you can bet they’re going to invite you. You’ll be going to games, recitals, concerts, parties and who knows what else. Make sure you’ve saved all the money you’ll need for these events.

4. Holidays

Halloween and Christmas are the two most expensive holidays of the year for most Americans, and they both come during the second half of the year. The good thing about holidays? You always know they’re coming! So you have no excuse not to have budgeted for those expenses.

5.  Tuition

Even if it’s not due this year, you know it’s coming. Your kids will head to college one day, and when those bills come in you need a plan. And I’m not talking about student loans. Your future student needs to be applying for as many scholarships and grants as they can!

As you can tell from my advice, fall budgeting has a lot to do with preparing for school and everything that goes with it.

Even if you don’t have kids, the principle still applies—there’s always something coming in a few months. And that something will cost money. So be prepared!