5 Ways Your Teen Can Make Money This Summer

Memorial Day is almost here, and that means summer is right around the corner.

The pools are open. Vacation plans are in full swing. And, more than likely, your kids will have a lot of free time. While there’s nothing wrong with a little relaxing, summer is also the best time of year for your kids to make a little money.

So what summer jobs are the best for teenagers? Here are a few ideas to get your kid off the couch and earning cash:


Your local country clubs, YMCAs and community pools will be packed the next few months, which means lifeguarding jobs will be available. Your teenager will need to be certified first, but this gig could be a nice money maker through Labor Day. And that’s not all—they’ll get the benefit of helping people while also getting a killer tan!

Babysitting/Lawn Care

These are fairly obvious summer jobs, and the great thing about them is they take little effort. All you really need is the ability to change a diaper and/or push a lawnmower. Once your teen does this a few times, they might just get the reputation as the go-to babysitter or best “yard guy” in the neighborhood.

On-Campus Jobs

If you have a college-aged kid, then you might not want them hanging out on campus during the summer. However, at most schools there are plenty of positions to choose from, working in rec centers, university centers, labs, dorms, etc. You might miss them during the summer, but at least they’ll be putting money in their pocket.


What’s your son’s or daughter’s passion? What do they want to learn more about? This summer could be a great opportunity to learn more about a new field and possible career, while making a little money in the process. Do research online to find out if there are business, law, real estate, medical, and other summer internships in your town.


If your teenager is great in the classroom or in a certain skill set, then you could take advantage of that during the summer. They could offer tutoring, music lessons, sports lessons, or any other special talent that others might want to learn more about.

Remember, as the money starts rolling in, it’s more important than ever for them to get on a plan with their money. Use this summer as a chance for them to learn how to make money and manage it. With a little extra income and some new money skills in place, this could be a summer they’ll never forget!

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