Fun Ways Your Kids Can Earn Money!

“Mom, I’m bored.”

If you’re a parent, that’s a phrase you might hear a few times over the summer. I remember saying that several times when I was growing up.

With a couple of months away from school, your kids will have quite a bit of free time. And I promise you that it won’t hurt them to get out of the house and make a little money—especially if they’re in high school!

We recently asked some of my Facebook fans how they are motivating their kids to work this summer. They had great ideas!

Inspired by you and your dad, our daughter started her own business! Through networking on Facebook and with our friends, she is taking kids to summer day camps, taking pets to the groomer, taking grannies to their weekly hair appointments, grocery shopping for busy moms and the elderly, babysitting, helping to pack and move people . . . anything busy folks need an extra hand for. She is super busy and we are super proud! — Sallye B.

My kids will earn $1 for every book they read. Yes, there will be a limit! — Nicole H.

My 10-year-old has a furniture restoration business in which he restores trashed furniture. The slogan on his homemade business cards is “Mom picks it, we fix it.” I admire his ambition so much that I will help him trash-pick his treasures, even if I’m in a dress! The journey has been wonderful, as we have learned much about simple woodworking and even weaving together. He used his first profit to buy Home Depot stock! The proudest moment was when he painstakingly restored a piece and donated it to our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. It’s not all about making money to him, which I adore. — Megan D.

My eight-year-old carved last names into logs with his Dremel tool and made $116 at our campground two weeks ago. On his own accord, he gave $50 to a widow today. He has the biggest heart. — Bonnie W.

My five-year-old is going to water our friend’s flower garden during their vacation. First summer job! — Emma W.

So, if you have kids, are you planning on pushing them out the door toward a summer job over the next few months?

What are your ideas?