My Fall Fashion Essentials!

Today I’m excited to host my good friend and professional stylist, Tina Adams, on the blog.

Tina is the founder and owner of Tina Adams Wardrobe Consulting right here in Nashville. She has a great sense of fashion, and she knows how to dress well on a budget.

That’s why I love her so much. So I asked Tina to answer a few questions about dressing fashionably, and on a budget, for the upcoming fall season.

Rachel: What makes you most excited about transitioning to a colder-weather wardrobe?

Tina: I love dressing in layers. When it’s cooler in the mornings and evenings, just grab a denim jacket to throw over your summer dress to “fall it up” a bit without having to buy a brand-new transitional wardrobe.

Rachel: I like to shop at two types of stores. First, more inexpensive stores, like Target and H&M, where I can shop for clothes on the cheaper end that will probably go out of style quickly.

Second, I don’t mind buying high-quality, more expensive pieces every now and then, because I know they will last for years. And I make sure to always buy on sale! (Find out what these stores are here!)

So with that in mind, what are three fashion essentials you think every woman should invest in for fall and winter?

Tina: I love high-low like you do. The trick is knowing what to spend on and what to save on: the three investment pieces I recommend adding this fall are a great pair of brown boots (brown because they are more versatile than black), a great brown leather jacket (vegan is fine), and a great handbag—again brown. These three items can be dressed up or down, worn in multiple settings, and reinvented for years to come as you mix in less expensive trends.

Rachel: What are some of this season’s trendy items you recommend buying for a bargain?

Tina: Costume jewelry. Go for more delicate pieces this fall like a dainty bracelet or light chain necklace. The Southwestern trend is gaining momentum, but don’t go overboard. One statement piece like a blanket sweater can be fun—just don’t overspend on it! And finally, ankle booties are huge this fall. I always see cute, inexpensive pairs at TJMaxx or Zappos.

Rachel: What style secrets can you recommend for women who are on a tight budget but want to freshen up their wardrobe this season?

Tina: Rather than over-buying lots of inexpensive trendy pieces that will look dated next season, opt for one statement piece that you love (you have to love it since you’ll be living in it). This will be your signature piece. Wear it every day with everything. Maybe a leather jacket you wear with both dresses and jeans, or a fabulous gold cuff you put on every morning. Make sure you love it so you grab it all the time and get your money’s worth. And you won’t feel so bad getting rid of it next year!

Fall is an amazing season for fashion, so I hope you guys will take advantage of some of Tina’s advice and make the most of this time of year.

Thanks for your time, Tina!