5 People You Might Forget to Tip

Everyone has an opinion on tipping—who to tip, how much to tip, when to tip.

Sometimes, the tipping guidelines are pretty clear, like at a restaurant or with a delivery guy. But, in some situations, they can get confusing too.

So with all the confusion around tipping, I thought I’d offer my opinion on five people you might be forgetting to—or not realizing you need to—tip. This isn’t gospel . . . it’s just how I approach tipping.

Here are five people you might be forgetting to tip:


The hair stylist. The makeup artist. The nail technician. The general tip recommendation is 10% to 20% depending on the profession. The way I see it—my hair stylist takes care of me, so I want to make sure I take really good care of them!

Hotel Housekeepers

A lot of people don’t consider tipping their hotel housekeeper. While there’s not a hard rule on this, it never hurts to leave a few dollars for them. It’s not an easy job, and a little extra cash could make your housekeeper’s day.

Home Helpers

This is your landscaper, your house cleaner, even the big strong guys who deliver your appliances. The amount is up to you, but $10 to $20 will probably be plenty.


Your movers definitely deserve a tip. That furniture is heavy! The more stuff you have, and the farther away the movers have to travel, the more you should tip. Moving.com says the industry standard here is 5%. For a $500 moving bill, that means you should probably tip around $25 for each mover in the crew.

Wedding Officiant

Whether it’s your pastor or Elvis in a Vegas chapel, your wedding officiant will probably expect a tip. Unless it’s already built into your wedding fees, think about slipping him or her somewhere around $50 to $100 at the rehearsal.

The bottom line is this: You can’t go wrong being overly generous. Better yet, if you’re doing well with your money, then get crazy generous with your money.

When in doubt, just go ahead and tip.