Valentine’s Day Dining: Is It Worth It?

Is it just me, or does Valentine’s Day seem to get more expensive every year?

Several years ago, Winston and I wanted to go out for a nice dinner on Valentine’s Day. We hadn’t planned ahead (our mistake), so we quickly chose a restaurant we wanted to try and headed out.

We were both excited about our date night when we arrived, but that excitement quickly faded when sat down at our table and looked at the menu.

You see, it wasn’t the normal menu. Nope, it was a set menu. The fancy term for it is prix fixe. That translates to “fixed price,” meaning you pay one price for a pre-set number of courses.

At this restaurant, the fixed price was $95 . . . per person. So after tip, tax and a bottle of wine, Winston and I were looking at spending close to $300 for dinner. Now had we planned ahead and budgeted for it, we might choose to do something like that on a more special night.

But, on this night, we hadn’t planned for it. So after discussing the price, we decided to stay and suck it up, while remembering to plan ahead next year.

After looking around at prix fixe menus the following year, we both decided to just go get pizza. And since pizza is my favorite food ever, I was perfectly happy! And you know what else? Our date was just as memorable!

The most important thing about Valentine’s Day is the time you spend together—and you can do that whether you’re at home watching a movie on Netflix, taking a walk in the park, eating pizza or indulging in a five-course meal at the hottest new restaurant in town.

So with Valentine’s Day upon us, I just want to remind you that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a memorable evening. Take it from Winston and me.

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