6 Ways to Be Healthy on a Budget

Episode 10

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Show Notes

Who remembers the ’90s? I know I can’t be the only one who used to snack on Bugles, veg out in front of TGIF, practice my Skip-It moves, or give my pupils a workout with a Magic Eye book. Ah, those were the glory days.

Back then, being healthy was easier. We were younger, sure, but it was also a simpler time.

Nowadays, knowing how to be healthy and how to stay healthy takes time. It takes effort. It takes—dare I say?—money. But it doesn’t have to take all of your money.

In fact, if you learn to manage your money well, it can make it easier to be healthy in other areas of your life. And today we talk about how to do just that! A few friends and experts join me to show us how we can be healthy and happy with food, fitness, fashion and in our relationships!

Grab your scented markers, you guys, because you’re going to want to take notes!

What Does It Mean to Be Healthy?

There’s a funny thing that happens in the summer. We spend more time outside, we’re more active, and we eat more fruit. But we also tend to slack off on our budgets, our workouts, our big to-dos, and anything else that doesn’t exactly fall into the summer fun category.

Just me?

Well, you guys, summer is coming to an end. And if you jumped off the bandwagon of life, you’re not alone. Have you guys seen the June mom vs. July mom meme?

If that doesn’t sum up how our best intentions play out over the course of the summer, I don’t know what does!

But as school starts back up for the kids and life returns to normal, it’s time for us adults to establish a healthy routine of our own. My hope for you is that over the next few months you’ll find ways to be healthier and happier in all areas of your life.

And that process starts with—you guessed it!—good money management.

How to Make a Budget

The best, and I’d say only, way to keep your finances in a healthy place is to create a budget every single month. When you make a budget, you’re telling your money what to do. It puts your good intentions to work!

If you’ve never made a budget before or it’s been a couple of months, I’ve got you covered. Here are a few basics that will help you make your first budget or get you back on track:

  1. Stick with the zero-based budget. Assign every single dollar to a specific category so that your income minus your expenses equals zero.
  2. Consider recommended budget percentages. To help you on your way, keep these suggested percentages in mind:

Giving                          10–15%

Saving                         10–15%

Housing                       25–35%

Utilities                         5–10%

Food                            10–15%

Transportation            10–15%

Health                          5–10%

Insurance                    10–25%

Personal                      10–15%

Recreation                  5–10%

Of course, these percentages are just recommendations. If housing prices are high in your city, you may need to spend more on housing and less in another budget category.

Prioritize your categories appropriately. Give first. I know that may sound like crazy advice for someone who’s trying to get out of debt or save up an emergency fund. But here’s the deal: We’re working on being healthy and whole, right? By living with an open hand, you’ll become more selfless and less selfish—which can change your perspective and the way you live.

Commit to giving a little now until you can give a lot. Then your next priority is to save toward your big money goals. Because if you don’t make saving a priority before spending, it won’t happen. Once those two categories are covered, focus on necessities and then wants.

Look for ways to save big. Maybe you’re looking at the suggested percentages above and thinking, I’m leaning toward the higher end on most of these and the total definitely adds up to more than 100%. Good! Yes, good. Now you know!

All you need to do is look for ways to save. You might reduce your food budget, your recreational spending, or your insurance. Zander Insurance can help with the last one. Winston and I trust them because they offer affordable life insurance that gives us peace of mind.

In fact, a healthy 35-year-old couple looking for $500,000 in coverage on each person could pay as little as $41 a month! You guys, no matter where you are in your financial journey, the savings will help, and the cost is worth it to make sure your family is protected!

Make room in your budget for other expenses.

Save big on life insurance with Zander Insurance today!

Real Talk With Rachel

Where my runners at?

You guys are . . . not my people. I mean, I love you, but you’re crazy!

Okay, so obviously there’s a story here. As you may know, I’m a big fan of working out. Until I’m not. I mean, I’m on and off this fitness train like someone with an unlimited free rides punch card.

So a few months back, a friend convinced me to give running a try. I hate running. But, for some reason, it sounded like a good idea at the time. So I bought the shoes. I bought the socks. I bought into the idea of running a half marathon!

I nearly died running my first mile. (I’m not dramatic at all. I know). But I kept at it, and with two and half weeks of running under my belt, I headed out one Saturday morning for a four-mile run! You guys, I’m pretty sure I deserve a round of applause for this one feat alone.

Not for running four miles—for getting out of bed and into my car to run four miles. Wow. You can probably guess what happened next. One mile in, I thought: Why am I doing this? Two miles in, I saw my car.

And that’s when the battle in my brain began. Quit. No, successful people never quit. Wait, yes, they do! Successful people quit dumb stuff all the time. For me, running is dumb!

So, I got in my car, drove home and—I’ve got to say—I’ve never felt better.

What’s the lesson here, you guys? Should you give up on your own dreams of running a marathon or hiking the Appalachian Trail or swimming faster than your teenage son? No way.

You should, however, stop doing dumb things that keep you from reaching your bigger goals. Are you spending money you don’t have to impress your Instagram followers? Stop! Are you buying things in your thirties and forgetting to save for retirement? Stop. Are you working out every day, spending loads of money and time trying to be a runner when you don’t want to be one? Stop.

Let’s all make sure we’re doing the smart thing in a way that makes the most sense for us.

Track your progress to a healthier you

To help you in your efforts to do smart things, we created a few goal trackers for you. They’ll help you SEE your progress and keep you motivated along the way! You can download all of them for free using the sign-up button below.

How to Be Healthier in Your Relationships

I’m so excited to have my good friend and relationship expert Dr. Les Parrott on the show today. We talk about the biggest thing dragging down good relationships: poor communication.

Have you ever talked with your friend, your parent, or your spouse and thought, The way they’re responding doesn’t match what I said. I feel like they misunderstood me!

Dr. Les Parrott helps us understand this breakdown in communication.

He explains that, after decades of research, psychologists now know men and women come to conversation with two distinct goals in mind.

Men are looking for a report. Women are looking for rapport. Men want the facts and information while women want connection and understanding.

It’s the reason your husband might say, “Get to the point,” and you may respond, “I’m just trying to grasp how you feel.”

A couple in a healthy relationship, Les says, works to remember both viewpoints and looks for ways to bring them together. So, you want to clarify content and reflect feeling. As you do this, you’ll better understand one another and be more tuned in to each other’s emotions.

After all, communication is the lifeblood of relationship—and not just the relationship with your spouse. These tips apply any time you communicate with someone of the opposite gender, be it a friend, parent, child or coworker.

Check out today’s episode for more of Dr. Les Parrott’s wisdom on how to have healthy communication in your relationships!

How to Cook Healthy and Not Waste Money

When it comes to food, there’s just one hard-and-fast rule for eating better on a budget: Make dinner at home.

Sounds easy enough, but we all know how these things go in real life. For example, when chicken hangs out in the fridge too long and goes bad so you order takeout.

The fact remains that eating healthy at home can save you money and calories . . . if you use everything you buy.

And in today’s show, we show you how you can do just that!

My friend Tanya joins me in the kitchen to whip up two healthy and delicious meals from something I’ve started using recently, Home Chef. Home Chef is a meal-kit delivery service that comes directly to your door—all you need to do is open up the box and add the finishing touches!

Here’s what I love about Home Chef:

  • I get to decide exactly which meals they send my way.
  • I can choose between 18 unique new options each week.
  • I cook new foods every week without having to put much thought into it, or fear messing it up.

Today we make the Mojito Lime Chicken Salad with just a little bit of chopping and plating! Praise-hands emoji from this busy mom. We also showcase Home Chef’s Hot Honey Salmon. It only requires a little bit of baking and sautéing because all the ingredients come pre-portioned, which is so nice because you don’t end up wasting food and throwing away money!

And I’ve got exciting news! Home Chef is offering all of you $30 off your first meal if you go to homechef.com/rachel.

Sign up for your first Home Chef meal-kit delivery today and save $30!

How to Be Healthy and Fit

After my running confession earlier, you might think I’ve sworn off fitness for a while. But I haven’t completely!

In today’s episode, Joel, an experienced personal trainer, coaches me through five low-time, high-impact workouts I can do in the comfort of my own home (also known as free exercise!):

  1. Squats
  2. Push-ups
  3. Lunges
  4. Plants
  5. Glute Bridges

As Joel says, for fitness to become a regular part of your life, you have to make it fit into your schedule. I love how I can easily do a few sets of each exercise right in my own bedroom before starting the day—or even in the living room when my kids are playing happily on their own!

How to Be Healthy and Feel Beautiful

This isn’t my favorite part of the show, but it might be a close second. There are few things I love more than a healthy, happy closet. And when I’m working out and eating right, I feel better in my own skin and have more fun choosing outfits and accessories.

The ladies from You Own the Look are here to walk us through a few tips for finding high-end looks without high-end price tags. Things like:

  • Pay attention to the hardware on a handbag—for instance, gold handles instantly make a bag look more expensive and allow it to move seamlessly from day to night.
  • Choose neutral colors. They give you a lot of mix and match options.

To see the outfits they brought to our studio and get more of their tips, check out the fashion segment in today’s episode.

And, above all else, remember this great thought from You Own the Look: “Feeling good in what you’re wearing helps you exude confidence and health. And isn’t that our goal?”

She Works Hard Saving Money

It takes a lot to beat out clothes, but this segment always tops all the other ones on the show. I absolutely love hearing how you’re reaching your money goals. Here are two of the best from today:

“My husband and I are on Baby Step 2. Both of us are working two jobs, picking up extra work here and there, and we recently cash-flowed our girls’ schooling for next year! Saved and ready to pay in August! Praising Jesus along the way!” — Morgan

“Six-month emergency fund funded. Now to pay off the house and save for a new car and new flooring.” — Trudy

I hope you all have a great week working toward a healthier, happier you. And remember, finding contentment in all the areas we covered comes down to our money habits.

If you’re looking for some resources to help you get started, we have a great deal going on right now. You can get my book Love Your Life, Not Theirs plus a yearlong membership to both Financial Peace University and EveryDollar at a special price.

I hope they help as you take control of your money and create a life you love!


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Read the full transcript

– Today we’re dealing with money, food, fitness, fashion and relationships so stay tuned because this is the Rachel Cruze show. Oh summer is coming to an end, can you believe it? Time just flies and I know summer for me I jump off every bandwagon that I was on. Everything that I was like, oh this is gonna be so scheduled and so great and so perfect. Everything just kinda goes crazy during the summer and so I decided for this episode we need to talk about getting back on track and being healthy in all different kinds of areas in our life. Everything from fitness to nutrition, fashion and even our relationships. So this episode I’m gonna bring some friends on to talk about each one of these subjects. But first, of course it’s the Rachel Cruze show so we’re gonna talk about how to be healthy with your money. Yes, again this is something that so many of us would kind of just lag and it’s like oh it’s just summer it’s not a big deal we don’t really look at the budget and focus but now you guys, summer’s almost over! So it’s time to get back on track when it comes to our money and the number one thing, I can’t stress this enough, that is going to help you win with money and be intentional is doing a budget. It’s like the drum I beat through this whole series because this is such a big deal. Doing the budget means that you are being purposeful. You are being intentional and you’re telling your money what to do. It’s really the only way that you’re gonna win financially. And so when you’re looking at a budget quickly there’s a few percentages for you to know when you’re laying out a budget because your budget, in a perfect world is going to be a zero based budget. Which means your income for each month, minus all of your expenses equals zero. So every dollar coming in is assigned to a category. So here are a few categories to get you started if you’ve never budgeted before. You always want to start with giving and you’re gonna give around 10 to 15% of your income. You’re gonna save some money around 10 to 15%. Housing, so your mortgage or your rent should be around 25 to 35% of your take home pay. Utilities 5 to 10%, food 10 to 15%, transportation 10 to 15%, health 5 to 10%, insurance 10 to 25%, personal 10 to 15% and recreation 5 to 10%. Okay, rule number one when you hear all this. These are recommended percentages, recommended. So some of you living in San Francisco are may have a different percentage than those of you living in North Dakota. Okay like it’s gonna be different, it’s going to be different. So again these are recommended percentages and rule number two, the order is important. So, we always wanna be giving first no matter where you are in your money journey. Whether you’re getting out of debt, you’re saving it for an emergency fund, I don’t care where you are, you need to be giving something. I always tell people to give a little until you can give a lot because when you are giving, what’s happening is emotionally you are starting to live your life with an open hand. When you start to let go of your money and help other people and you’re putting your money towards something that you, yourself are passionate about when it’s helping someone else. What that does is that affects every other aspect of your life, you start to become more selfless versus selfish and let me tell you. In our world today, this is a very important quality to have because my goal for you is through this whole thing is to win with money and I want you to build wealth. I want you to be able to have an awesome lifestyle and enjoy your life, but if you’re not giving when you have a little bit it’s gonna be very difficult for you to give when you have a lot. So start now, also you want to be saving second. You wanna make sure that you are saving some type of money every month. Those of you working to save up for an emergency fund, maybe it’s for that. And also we have recommended percentages for things like insurance and this is really important because this, this can factor into your life when you’re creating your budget because life insurance is something that everyone needs. It is a must, if you have a family no matter where you are on your debt free journey. So some of you might be thinking oh I can’t afford life insurance right now, but you may not know how affordable term life insurance really is. So for instance, a healthy 35 year old husband and wife, each shopping for half a million dollars in coverage can pay as little as $41 a month. Combined for a 20 year policy. Winston and I, we trust Zander Insurance to cover our family’s needs and cannot recommend them highly enough. Their team will find the best rates for your family too. Making sure that you have the best coverage available. So make sure to go to Zander.com or click the link below to get started today. It only takes a few minutes to set this up and it will give you peace of mind knowing that your family’s future is financially secure and it is totally, totally worth it. So again, those are some things to remember as you’re looking at the budget and again, your budget is something that you need to do if you wanna win financially. It can be difficult for some of us, especially if you’re a free spirit like me. But staying on track and being intentional is so key. So something I’ve been learning in life and what I’ve tried to push myself to do in every season is to do something that is uncomfortable for me. Something new, and well I tried something new. So we’re talking about health. You know me, working on this workout train. I’m in and out, off the train, on the train. Sometimes train stop, sometimes going full speed, we just don’t know what’s happening with Rachel when it comes to working out. So I decided earlier this year, I’m gonna work out and so remember I bought the app, if you didn’t listen to that story go back a few episodes. It was just so sad, so bought this workout app, it didn’t work out and then someone was talking about, oh rank and you can do something totally different and you don’t have to go to the gym, you can start running and in fact you can run the half marathon. So everyone at Ramsay Solutions was like all on board, everyone was like gonna run this half marathon all 700 something people, I mean not true, half the people were like no I’m not going to. But I was like, you know what I can do this. I mean running a marathon for me seemed impossible. I was like, or a half marathon let’s not get too crazy. No marathon talk around here, we’re talking half marathon. But I thought, I bet if I put my mind to this I could do this and it was uncomfortable, I didn’t want to, in fact I hate running, like hate running. For some reason I thought this was a brilliant idea. I was like okay I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna train like I am with my money I’m intentional and I write things down. I’m gonna write down my schedule, I’m gonna train for this marathon. So I went, of course, bought the good running shoes, they talked me into buying like 14 pairs of these like squishy socks so I was like sure why not. So I like went and like got all the gear, I looked the part and I was ready. And I almost died like running a mile, I was like okay, I can do this so I had to like run and stop, run and stop you know all of that. But I was building up my momentum and I was two and a half weeks into my training and I had a four mile run on Saturday and I was like I’m gonna go to the park, in this beautiful park outside Nashville and the loop is exactly a mile, so I was like oh good I just need to run that four times it’s gonna be great. So I’m running the first mile and I just kept thinking this is just not smart. Why, why am I running? What am I doing this for? And then I got to mile two, I was really struggling and out ahead, I saw my car and I thought, I can get in my car right now and I could quit. So I did, I quit, got to my car, I drove home Winston was like, how is, how was your long run? I was like what long run? Oh my two mile run and I quit the marathon, I’m done. And it felt so good you guys. So remember that in your life, when you’re doing stupid things, like buying things you can’t afford, don’t do that, no. When you’re living not intentionally, when you’re not funding retirement, when you’re doing things that are not wise. Stop doing that and do smart things because then you become very happy in life like me. And another thing that is very smart to do, is to track your progress in life. So what we have for you are three goal trackers to help you get started and say I’m going to track what I’m going to do next. So we have goal trackers from baby steps one, which is saving $1,000. Baby step two, getting out of debt, so smart, so smart. And baby step three which is to save three to six months of expenses, so make sure to click the link in the description below, download those goal trackers, start doing smart stuff, quit doing dumb stuff. In our relationships from parenting to marriage to friendships and so a relationship expert and my good friend Dr. Les Parrott is here to join us so thanks Les for being on.

– Oh it’s good to be with you Rachel, this is going to be fun to talk about.

– So the big common denominator in relationships, especially with marriage is that, you know, you have a man and a woman and they communicate differently. We’re like two totally different beings, right? So I’m curious from your side of studying this for years and years and years, decades and decades, how men and women communicate differently?

– Well I love this question because communication is the life blood of a relationship. You’re, the health of a relationship will rise or fall based on how well the two of you communicate. Whether that’s in marriage or friendship or anything else. And so understand how to kinda bridge that gender gap, when it comes to communication, really comes down to understanding one word that’s, that’s for men is so vitally important and one word for women that is so vitally important and that is, and this is based on decades of research by the way, woman by the name of Deborah Tannen spearheaded this research, incredible finding. She basically found that the number one goal for a man in conversation is what we refer to as report talk. In other words, a guy, we like to be in the know, we want the report, we want to be brought up to speed, we want the information, it’s just that we don’t need all the fluff, we don’t need all the bunny trails and that’s why women get so frustrated cause your man will say, get to the point, you know, what’s the bottom line, right? Does this story have an end?

– Right, right? And we get frustrated because a guy is, he’s wanting the information, he just wants it kind of in bullet points, does that make sense? Does that ring true for you in your own marriage?

– Yeah I would say so for sure, right? I mean it’s like if there’s a problem or an issue it’s like well here’s the problem, here’s the issue. He’s like yeah, and it sounds like a problem that our friends have had, you know, like I just kinda go off on this whole tangent so yeah totally. So the report talk.

– Exactly. Yeah and so your husband is going, okay big deal about the neighbors right now, we’re talking about us just kinda stay on topic here, you know?

– Yes.

– So we want the report and I’ll literally sometimes come home at the end of the day and say Leslie hey, give me the report, I’ll literally say that. In other words, you know, how are the boys? Do they have homework, what’s for dinner? Did you get the mail? Give me the information I need to function in this home tonight. I want the report.

– Yes, yep.

– Not so for women, women have a compulsive need for what the researchers call, not report talk, but rapport, rapport talk. In other words, that feeling of being connected that there’s rapport and so the verbiage, the words, kinda take a back seat in many ways and we’re talking about big generalizations here. But the words kinda take

– Yep.

– A back seat for women compared to men. Because they wanna know are we on the same page. Hey are we connecting right now? And that’s why you’ll see

– Yep. Women sometimes, you know, as friends like in a church foyer or something, and they lean in and they hold hands and they’re talking, you know, and men are like really, you know? And men are like, you know, how was your golf game, you know? And they’re talking about

– Right, right. Something deep and dark and heavy, you know? Because it’s all about making that web of connected to be created so those are two big fundamentals in communication between men and women and if you wanna have a healthy relationship, you’ve really gotta understand those two needs because we can be at cross purposes if we don’t.

– Yes and those two things can function even in a friendship, right? If a guy girl friendship or even, I think between even you know, a dad and his daughters or a mom and her sons, right? I mean like all aspects of life, you can kinda function on those two words. Report and Rapport and over, generally speaking like you said, it rings true and it really does and I think women, and I’m assuming you would agree with this you know, are more emotional beings overall, right? And so being able to gain that consensus, I think is so huge, I think about that with me and Winston. We’re like okay I just need to know like how are you feeling right now? Like I’ll ask him that some times, I’m like are you frustrated, are you mad? Like what, what’s the feeling? I need to know the feeling, because it does it helps me like with my ground work, with whatever we’re about to talk about.

– Well and we know from research Rachel that, that women are more tuned in to kind of the non verbals you guys have more words in your feeling vocabulary to describe emotions compared to men. Men relative to a woman, they’re like, you know, you guys are like a walking thesaurus of emotions compared to most men andyou know, you ask most guys how are you feeling? Fine, you know, I’m not hungry I’m good, you know? And so it’s there is that, that gap, there’s no doubt about that but we can bridge it, you know? That’s the good news, it’s a lifetime of work whether that’s in friendship, family, relationships or otherwise but we can bridge that gap and make it much smaller for sure.

– That’s so good so just knowing overall the health of relationships so dependent on communication knowing men and women communicate very differently, come at different approaches is so key to know so I think that that’s just a good overall understanding. A nugget that we can for sure, for sure take away.

– The bridge to do that is to clarify content and reflect feeling, that’s what we both need to be doing on both sides of the equation is making sure we accurately understand each other and we’re tuned in to the emotional message of that for men and for women and maybe that can sound more challenging for men but it’s really not because women, what women will sometimes do Rachel is project their feelings or their emotions onto their man and the guy goes, I guess go I didn’t know I was feeling that way till you told me I was, you know?

– Yes, yes. And so, but that’s the bridge, clarify content, reflect feelings.

– I love it, so great, so smart. Les thank you so much for being on always enjoy your wisdom, thank you.

– [Les] Absolutely.

– Now we need to learn how to be healthy with our food. So let’s head over to my kitchen. And another part about being healthy of course is our food and so it’s always healthier to eat at home, when you’re cooking at home. So I brought my friend Tanya

– Hi!

– for our cooking segment today and we’re gonna cook two meals from Home Chef. And Home Chef is a home delivery food service and you’ve been using it for?

– Eight months now.

– Eight months yes and you love it don’t you?

– I do love it you get to choose from the meals, they don’t just send you a random meal. So it’s great.

– Yes they have actually like 18 options. Vegetarian, fish, steak, chicken.

– Lot’s of options. Fast meals,

– All of it.

– Meals you cook, all different things.

– So great. Okay so the first meal that we’re gonna put together is a lunch, which is so great cause let’s be honest or I know when I’m home with my kids, I’m eating like peanut butter and jelly with them or turkey and cheese with them, so.

– Yeah so these are so fast. This is mojito lime chicken salad.

– Ooh, have you cooked this one yet?

– I haven’t done this one, I’ve done a quick, a five minute salad before.

– Okay, okay. And there’s actually a lot of options for, for the quick,

– Yes, lots of choices.

– The quick lunches which I love. Okay so, we chopped up some romaine lettuce.

– Do chop up the lettuce but the chicken comes pre-cooked.

– I know, which is so great and these little spices.

– Yeah we’re supposed to

– So I’ll let you

– You stir that, me stir that? Okay.

– Yeah you stir that. It’s great cause these recipe cards make things so easy.

– Okay what do we do now?

– Love recipes! Okay so stir it all, put it in and honestly this is just prepping, you just throw it all in which is so great.

– Peppers.

– Roasted red peppers there.

– Chicken.

– The chicken actually looks so good.

– Okay, we need dressing.

– This is, okay. Oh dressing, okay.

– It’s Chipotle ranch dressing

– And it comes all together. Okay you toss the salad, I’m terrible at tossing salads.

– Well I’m no expert but

– Okay and what I love about this for real though. You’re a busy mom,

– I am.

– I’m a busy mom. And you, do you consider yourself a good cook? Like did you enjoy cooking?

– No listen, I mean I cook for my family I, but I was definitely like a tacos, spaghetti, meatloaf mom, pizza. Pizza mom.

– Yes, pizza pizza.

– And that’s what’s been so great is it’s made me try all kinds of new meals.

– Yes, that you normally wouldn’t which is what I love.

– No, I normally wouldn’t, like my husband thinks he doesn’t like onions and a lot of these have like finely chopped onions or shallots in them and he doesn’t even know they’re there but the flavor is amazing.

– So good.

– So we’ve tried all kinds of new things, eating things we never knew we liked and definitely making things that I never knew that I could cook so for sure.

– Yes. And it’s so fun to compare like the before and afters of the pictures.

– Oh yes.

– Because you really, you’re like a chef, it’s pretty amazing, okay.

– Yes, I’m a chef cause I’ve chopped the lettuce in this one so that makes

– I know that’s right. See, that looks good.

– The chef.

– Beautiful, well done Tanya. Well done.

– This looks a lot better.

– Alright the next meal is the hot honey salmon which just smells delicious.

– Yum.

– So it takes a little bit longer to cook this so we’re not gonna do it today, we’ve already prepped one and did one. But what I love about it again, these little recipe cards. It gives you the time, it gives you when to cook within the, like the ingredients, like how many days you have for it to be in your refrigerator. Which I like because the box, which is like a gift that keeps on giving.

– Yes. I love opening the box that comes.

– I do too, it’s so fun, okay.

– And it’s cooler bags in it and stuff when you get it.

– Everything. So it literally preps you

– So everythings nice and cool

– With everything. All of your ingredients, all of like the exact amount you need of each ingredient. Cause I’m terrible at wasting these and I.

– Okay, when I watched the segment of you and your mom.

– Yes.

– And you was like making you so nervous that she was like Rachel just throw some spices in there. These things are like pre portioned for you.

– Everything.

– So you don’t even have to measure them like this is the exact

– Yes.

– Right amount.

– And you’re not wasting stuff because honestly I have right now in my refrigerator. I was gonna cook a cilantro lime chicken thing and we decided to go out on a date night that night and so the cilantro’s like the most wilted sad little thing you’ve ever seen. You know, because I just never ended up cooking it! And so, with this I love it cause it’s like okay you have three days and you’re there, yes!

– Just enough for your recipe.

– And you’re not wasting it all. And then we have the salmon so, so that’s just an example of what you’re gonna get because if you’re like me you’re gonna look at that like that’s so intimidating and it’s not, it’s not.

– No because look we can make that and it looks just like this.

– So great, so with this one it’s your salmon and you sear it and bake it. And then you saute some zucchini, some tomatoes and green onion and you chop these. And mix it all together and yeah, there you have it.

– Delish.

– So good. Well thanks Tanya for being here.

– Thanks for having me.

– This was so fun. Alright you guys if you want to save time, save money because you’ll not be wasting food and eat well balanced delicious meals the whole family will love, make sure to check out Home Chef. It’s so good, go to homechef.com/Rachel and you’ll actually save $30 dollars off! $30 off your first purchase or click the link below. Alright, I feel like we should eat this.

– We should. We cooked it we should eat it.

– It looks so good. That’s right, that’s right. Alright you guys so we talked about the health of your budgets, the health of your nutrition and of course when people talk about health, working out comes to mind so I brought my friend Joel in to help us out. Joel is a personal trainer and you’ve been doing this for how long Joel?

– Four years.

– Four years. Just, he’s awesome, he actually trains a ton of people that we work with and so, we brought in the expert. Joel I feel like I need to confess to you. Me and probably a lot of people watching. Working out, I hate it. And so I get on these kicks where I’ve done it three times in my life. Of these kicks, three times. Where I’m like okay, I’m gonna do this and when I do it I go hardcore. I get up at like 4:30, I’m at the gym at five and I work out and it’s great but it lasts for like three months, is that normal?

– Very normal. That’s the story that most people have.

– Okay, so how can we change that? How can we like make this a part of our lives? Like what’s the number one thing?

– Well that’s the, that’s the first thing. We have to make it part of your life. It’s not something that you can do short term and long term and see results if that’s what you want.

– Yep.

– So making it part of your life is important and also making it fit into your schedule is important cause

– Yes. Most of us are busy

– Yep.

– And we have a lot of responsibilities, kids, work, whatever it may be. So.

– Totally, so being able to do stuff at home is key.

– Doing it at home.

– AKA why we’re at home people and not at the gym because we can’t all make it to the gym. So you’re gonna give us five easy workouts that we can do at home, that are inexpensive. I’m gonna say easy to do, none of it is gonna be easy to do, I’m dreading this. Alright Joel, give us the first workout.

– Alright so, the first thing that you can do at home, which doesn’t require a lot, squats. That one’s a real, real easy to do, they’re really good for you. Alright so doing a squat you wanna start with your feet about shoulder width apart. First thing you wanna do is kinda kick your hips back a little bit. Squat down to a position, stand up.

– How many should we do? If you’re just starting out?

– If you’re just starting out, 10, 12, somewhere in there.

– Okay, okay.

– Three sets of those you could do.

– Okay, so about 10 of those, three sets, good. Working the legs, okay what’s next?

– Working the legs. Next we’ll work on pushups.

– Oh geez. Squats, I can, I can do a squat. But pushup, I don’t think I can do a pushup.

– You show us.

– Pushups, there’s modifications, there’s modifications to the pushup.

– Okay, show up the correct form.

– So, for a pushup, you know, basically you’re gonna be like this. But the modification is to make em a little bit easier is to the knees

– Yep, this is what I was gonna.

– Alright. Your butt, your core, everything is tight. If that’s too hard, you can actually do them on a wall. Putting the hands on the wall

– Oh!

– And just push off the wall. That’s an easier step so if that’s too hard, start with the wall, once you can do the wall go to the knees, once you can do the knees, then you can do the standard pushup in a plank position.

– Okay. Squats, pushups, did you see how I skipped the pushups Joel? Did you see that, I skipped it?

– You did skip it.

– We’re going on toexercise three.

– So a third thing is our lunges.

– Okay, okay.

– Our lunges are important to do them correctly. So basically, many modifications you can do with a lunge. We’ll just do standard. You step forward and you wanna make sure that your knee is over the ankle and you can add weights to make them harder.

– Okay, yeah we’re not doing that. Not right now Joel, not right now. Okay, exerciser four is?

– Planks.

– Planks, okay.

– But at least you get to be on the ground. So that’s good, okay.

– Okay, okay.

– Alright so let’s grab the mat.

– I would be a terrible person for a trainer to work with.

– No.

– I think I just complain all the time, okay.

– Elbows and shoulders behind.

– Okay.

– Feet together, squeeze the buttocks.

– Okay.

– And basically you hold that position.

– And that’s, and that’s abs mostly right? Like your?

– It’s core.

– Core, okay.

– So, pretty much from here, shoulders, arms, everything.

– Last easy exercise.

– Glute bridges.

– Easy.

– Glute bridges.

– No idea what you’re saying. So this is great.

– Okay, so a glute bridge you’re gonna lay down on your back.

– Okay.

– Your lower back stays attached to the ground. And then what you wanna do is you wanna raise your hips don’t use your lower back.

– Okay.

– Raise your hips and you wanna ideally keep em in line from the knees to the shoulders. Just like that.

– Oh these, these, these are, these aren’t terrible.

– Making sure you’re squeezing your butt.

– Okay.

– It’s important.

– And then, so that’s working the butt?

– That’s working the glutes.

– The glutes, the glutes.

– And the hamstrings as well.

– So good and so doing these what like four times a week, doing a circuit.

– Three to five times a week, go through your circuit. Make it fun if you don’t have time. When you go to check your mail, do lunges out to your mailbox.

– Yes, just doing something. I know and thats what’s so bad

– There you go, yep.

– Is I am so one of those people that’s like all in or nothing and I’m in like the nothing phase right now, so just work it a little bit, making it just part of your life.

– Sure.

– And you know it’s the little things that make the difference in the long run so.

– Yes, so great, okay. Guys, easy cheap ways to stay healthy with our fitness. So Joel, thank you so much.

– Thank you. Appreciate it.

– So appreciate it, thank you, thank you.

– Sure.

– So one thing in my life that I love to keep healthy is my closet. My clothes, gotta love clothes. So I brought in the ladies from You Own The Look. Thank you guys for being here.

– Thanks for having us.

– Thanks for having us.

– Okay, so tell me about You Own The Look. It’s a company you guys started, tell me about it.

– Good, so You Own The Look is a subscription based service that basically streamlines your online shopping experience. We scour the internet, we track down versatile pieces that are at affordable price points. That give you a high end look without the high end, or high priced tag.

– We love that.

– It’s great, yeah.

– Speaking our language, I love that. So we have three looks today, so look number one is?

– Our day to night look.

– Day to night look.

– So our day to night look is one of our most versatile looks.

– Is it this?

– So this first outfit yeah so this.

– Okay, oh cute.

– This top is great for women on the go. Great for in the office or afterwards, we like to choose like fun and feminine pieces that are also functional.

– Love it.

– So next is casual. So you’ll see, so like what Cali was saying, a lot of the pieces–

– Y’all I have this shirt!

– Isn’t it great?

– Target.

– Yes, oh my gosh. I totally have this.

– A new day, it’s one of our favorite brands at Target.

– That is so funny.

– We’re like everything in New day we want.

– Yes, yes.

– And you could wear this like with leggings or a cute pair of shorts like this.

– Yes.

– Yes. Well it’s so funny cause this top, I wear, I’ve worn to the office and then we went to the lake the other weekend and I threw it on with a pair of shorts!

– Yeah, or you could wear it to like work out, so it’s great I mean we have this find, bucket bags from Forever 21. And then some fun sunglasses from Old Navy, yeah.

– Old Navy, I love em. So cute.

– $4 I mean you just can’t beat that.

– Yeah, no you can’t.

– I know, so good. Well and sunglasses are one of those things that

– You lose.

– I’ve spent like, I’ve like invested I’ve said like before I’m like this is

– So you don’t feel guilty.

– My investment piece and I’m gonna put all this money into it. Totally, oh totally lost them.

– You lose them.

– And I kept it for like two years, two summers, and then the third summer I couldn’t find them so terrible, so cheap sunglasses.

– Yeah, they’re a good go to.

– And I appreciate that. Okay and the last look is?

– Weekend wear.

– Weekend wear.

– This is one of my favorites.

– Yeah, yes. And this kinda ranges, so this could be one of our categories when we try to do like a night out look or an athleisure look which is our favorite.

– And see, what I love about your philosophy is like this together and like even you could put jeans with whatever.

– With white jeans. Yeah.

– But I’m like but the look of the neutral, how it does. It makes things look nicer.

– It just looks high end.

– Yes.

– Yes.

– It does, like that’s so cute.

– And so a lot of the stuff we look for, like what you’ll see with the handbags is the hardware cause pieces like that dresses it up a lot.

– Okay. So we like put a lot of gold hardware to make it look high end when it’s really very inexpensive piece.

– I love it.

– And then a fun weekend wear bag.

– Oh yes.

– Zara. It’s nylon.

– Yes.

– You can throw it on, put your water bottle in it.

– Easy. Yep.

– It’s great.

– If things spill it just wipes right off.

– Exactly.

– Oh exactly.

– Okay so I feel, tell me if this is true cause this is like y’alls world is like fashion. So I know like especially when I’m on maternity leave or I’m home with the girls I’m like ugh I just like literally throw on like yoga pants and and old t-shirt laying around and you’re just kinda like ugh, you’re going, going. But it’s amazing when you’re like okay I do have to dress up a little bit. I have to

– Right.

– Put on a pair of jeans, god forbid. Like put on a pair of jeans, put some cute flats on, put a, you just feel better about

– Feel better.

– So do y’all find that’s true

– We believe that if, a healthy self confidence is so important in the way you enthuse yourself. Whether it’s in business, whether it’s a social event, so even just as a mom and a wife and, feeling good in what you’re wearing just will help you exude that self confidence and health that, you know, you so badly need and so we, our goal is to help people feel that way.

– Okay thank you guys so much for coming! This was so good, so so good. I’m gonna steal these shoes, I’m just gonna walk off.

– Yes!

– Alright, now it’s time for my favorite part of the show. She works hard saving money. Mamalolo said it’s a good start and it’s ours, paid for 100% cash. Love that, so great. Morgan said my husband and I are on baby step two. Both of us are working two jobs, picking up extra work here and there and recently cash flowed our girls schooling for next year. Saved and ready to pay in August. Praise Jesus along the way. Trudy said six months emergency fund is funded. Now on to paying off the house and saving for a new car and new flooring. I love it you guys, I love being able to celebrate all the things you’re saving up for. So remember, post your pictures on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and use the hashtag #sheworkshardsavingmoney. So we can celebrate you guys! Alright again I loved this episode because I think we all can be healthier in all these different aspects of life. But ultimately, contentment in all of these categories is gonna come down to our good money habits. So if you’re looking for a proven plan for controlling your money I’ve put together a great bundle for you guys. So you can get my book Love Your Life Not Theirs, Financial Peace University and every dollar all together so make sure to click the link in the description to check that out. And thank you so much to all of our guests. So many guests on today’s show, thank you, thank you so much for coming on and thank you all for watching. And make sure to subscribe because you don’t want to miss next episode that is all about minimalism. And we may or may not have the minimalists on the show! So remember you guys to take control of your money and create a life you love.