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You’re hardworking, bill-paying, meal-making men and women. You’re doing your best to keep life moving forward and maybe, just maybe, feeling a bit overwhelmed by the thought of it all.

Basically, you’re adulting.

Yes, adulting is a word! It’s a verb that means: to act or behave in an adult manner and engage in activities associated with being an adult.(1)

Maybe for you, adulting and stress go together like milk and cookies—only you wouldn’t know because it’s been a while since you indulged in such a treat. You know, being a grown-up and all.

Well, fellow adults, I’m here to let you in on a little secret: adulting doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, I really believe the rest of your life can be the best of your life. Let’s talk about how.



Things Adults Should Know

You guys, my thirtieth birthday is this week. Yep, it’s true. I’m more adult than I’ve ever been, and sometimes—especially with two sweet girls running and rolling around—I really feel it. Thank goodness for coffee.

Still, I’m so grateful. For my husband, Winston, for our daughters, for my family and friends, for the work I get to do, and for all of you. These first 30 years have been a joy-filled ride!

As I’ve gotten older, though, I’ve learned that even a life full of joy involves taking on adult responsibilities that are sometimes not so joyful. Things like:

• Keeping up with household chores

• Looking for work

• Paying rent or buying a home

Filing taxes

• Working for a boss

• Being someone’s boss


• Paying bills

• Getting out of debt

If we’re not careful, we can start to resent the very act of adulting. We might begin to push important responsibilities to the bottom of our to-do lists, or we might not even make any to-do lists at all.

But here’s the thing: When we approach being an adult with excitement, we realize that even the most mundane of tasks, when completed, can act as a foundation for lasting joy. After all, when you’re managing your money and your life well, you get to do all kinds of fun things!

And what’s more adult than that?


Work is a simple fact of life, unless you win the lottery. (But don’t just work to buy tickets to try to win the lottery, okay? Okay.)

Special guest Ken Coleman on finding your dream job

In today’s episode, I chat with my good friend Ken Coleman about how you can not only find a job but also how you can find the right job.

Ken is a speaker, a Ramsey Personality, and the host of The Ken Coleman Show—a daily radio show all about careers, passions and talents. He made a big career jump of his own years ago and ended up landing his dream job. Now he helps his listeners use a proven method to find their dream job.

Ken walks us through this method and how to put it into practice. Some of the highlights include:

1. Start with your sweet spot—where your greatest talents and passions intersect.

2. Make a plan.

3. Pursue on purpose.

4. Put yourself in the right place.

Next Up on My Adulting Checklist

You guys know I love to buy clothes and purses and shoes and jewelry—basically I love to shop! But I had a thought recently: What if the things I love to wear are too twentysomething? Do I need to update my wardrobe as I enter my thirties?

Thankfully, my friend and go-to stylist, Amanda Sears, came to my rescue!

Amanda works with all the Ramsey Personalities to help us look our best for TV segments and events. She also works on lots of other fun projects in Nashville including music videos, photoshoots, and the Country Music Awards.

On today’s episode, Amanda and I go through my closet. She offers some age-related wardrobe advice, including:

• DON’T make the mistake of dressing too old just because you’re getting older.

• DO consider how your lifestyle has changed over the past few years and how your clothes might best fit your new day-to-day.

• DON’T be afraid of embracing the latest trend; a jumpsuit can be as versatile as a little black dress.

• DO invest in pieces you know you’ll wear often, like a good-fitting pair of jeans.

Amanda pretty much made my whole day when she said: “It’s not about your age. It’s about being comfortable in your own skin.” Praise-hands emoji!

Watch the full episode to hear more of her styling tips and tricks, and to see the fun work-to-date-night outfit she put together for me. You’re going to love it!

Adulting the Most: Buying a Home

Forget turning 30. Buying a house is just about the biggest adult thing you can do.

Recent studies show that Millennials are living with their parents longer and buying houses later than ever before.(2)

I regularly get questions about the best way to go about the whole home-buying process. So many of you want to make sure you’re doing it right—and for that, I applaud you!

Special guest Kristy Hairston on buying a home wisely

In today’s episode, I welcome Kristy Hairston, one of my trusted real estate experts, to help answer your biggest home-buying questions. Questions like:

• How do I know when I’m ready to buy a house?

• How do I find a home in a safe neighborhood I can afford?

• What should I look for before purchasing a foreclosed home?

• Where should I put the money I’m saving for a down payment?

If you’re saving up for a down payment, check out my House Down Payment Goal Tracker! It helps you monitor your progress and celebrate all the little wins along the way as you work toward your goal!


Give Gifts Your Friends AND Your Budget Will Love!

Is anyone else terrible at giving gifts, or is it just me?

Well, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve been trying to be more intentional with the gifts I give.

That means I’m on the lookout for items that help my friends feel seen and loved. Of course, sometimes the things I want to get them are outside what my budget says I can get them. But, I promise, it is possible to give a thoughtful gift without breaking the bank!

So, here’s a fun $20 gift guide with ideas for every type of friend on your list*:

(*prices fluctuate from time to time on Amazon. Be sure to check back regularly!)

Fashionable Friend:

• The Curated Closet ($20)

• Fun BaubleBar Earrings ($12)

Foodie Friend:

• Food & Wine Magazine Subscription ($12)

• Bamboo Cutting Board ($22, I know I cheated a bit but we can take it out of the grocery category :D )

Creative Friend:

• Skillshare Subscription ($15 for a month)

• Art Supply Case ($6)

Book Club Friend:

• Library Candles ($20)

Work Friend:

• Stylish Luggage Tags ($14)

• Fun Water Bottle ($15)

She Works Hard Saving Money

I love the stories you’re sharing on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag: #sheworkshardsavingmoney! Please keep them coming!

I’ll read a few stories on each episode to keep us all encouraged and moving toward our goals. Here are a couple of my favorites from today:

“We saved up for a road trip from Nebraska to Disneyland last summer! It was the best!” —Denise

“A lovely new bathroom so I can relax in style!” — Kelly

Great work you guys! Keep it up!

Thanks again for watching, and remember: Take control of your money and create a life you love!