How to Afford Your Adoption

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Have you ever dreamed about the possibility of adopting, but then thought, Well, I couldn’t afford that?

I think adoption is awesome, but I know it can be super expensive. It’s a deeply personal conviction, and money shouldn’t be the obstacle that’s holding you back.

If adoption is something you’re considering, I want to help you do it debt-free. In this episode of The Rachel Cruze Show, you’ll learn:

  • Author and speaker Lisa Harper’s emotional journey walking through the international adoption process as a single woman
  • Extremely practical steps and creative ways (that really surprised me!) to raise money for your adoption from author Julie Gumm
  • My personal dream and goals surrounding adoption

Even if you think adoption isn’t for you, you probably know someone who could use the valuable information in this episode! My guests this week really opened my eyes to new ways to make adopting a child a possibility for anyone, so go ahead and forward this to your friends!  

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