How to Bulletproof Your Emergency Fund

Build Your Emergency Fund Faster!

My Baby Step 3 Printable will help you calculate how much money should be in your emergency fund. And it includes a goal tracker to keep you motivated as you put that money in the bank. Enter your email address to get it for free!

This is the third episode in my series covering the Ramsey Baby Steps, and I’m going to be real with you: Baby Step 3 is hard. As you save up three to six months of expenses for your emergency fund, there aren’t any quick wins or milestones. But it’s your last big sprint before you finally get to build wealth and give like no one else, so I’m here to keep you motivated!

In this episode of The Rachel Cruze Show, you’ll learn:

  • 3 keys to having a bulletproof emergency fund
  • How to find cold hard cash in your freezer
  • A money tendency I used to be really immature about
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