How to Have More Gratitude During the Holidays

Episode 17

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Show Notes

This really is one of my favorite times of year, because ‘tis the season to be thankful—especially at Thanksgiving! This is so applicable to what I teach, because in order to win with money (and in all areas of life, really), we need to be thankful and grateful for what we already have.

You guys know that contentment is a message I’m super passionate about sharing. Contentment isn’t just something that helps you spiritually and emotionally—it also helps you financially. And that all starts with practicing gratitude.

Yep, I said practicing gratitude—because it’s something I know I have to work on every single day! That’s why I keep a running list of things I’m thankful for right in my phone. It’s one of the best ways I’ve found to practice gratitude. I’ve been intentional about making it a habit, and it’s changed my life.

Swap the Stress for Gratitude

The holidays can be a stressful time—especially for those of us who have kids or have to travel during this season. It’s even harder if you’re trying to get out of debt, because every time you turn the corner, you’re met with ads for Christmas gifts and other ways to spend money. The pressure to keep up, throw the best Christmas ever, and get everyone the perfect gift . . . it’s so real!

But not this year. You’ve been there, done that. Let’s do it differently this time. This holiday season, I want you to experience the gift of gratitude.

That’s what this episode is all about.

The Benefits of Practicing Gratitude

Maybe you still need to be convinced that practicing gratitude is something you should prioritize. I get it! You’re busy, and gratitude can seem like this fluffy feeling you don’t have time to actively pursue. But it really is important to your health. People who practice gratitude are happier mentally, physically and spiritually.

And you guys, there is a ton of research to back this up:

Gratitude enhances countless other positive qualities in your life, like patience and self-control.(1)

Practicing gratitude can boost connection and satisfaction in your relationships!(2)

Grateful people sleep better.(3)

Expressing gratitude can disarm an angry situation.(4)

People at the receiving end of a thank-you note become happier.(5)

Something Winston and I are grateful for is life insurance. It gives us peace of mind during the holidays, and all year long. If your family doesn’t have life insurance, don’t wait! Get a quote from the company I trust, Zander Insurance, today.

How to Practice Gratitude

Write a thank-you note.

Like I said before, this costs you nothing, but it’s so valuable to the person receiving it. If you don’t know what to write, my friend Christy Wright has a four-step guide here.

Start a gratitude journal, and try to write in it every day.

Actively keeping a gratitude journal over the years has made me grow so much. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s also really fun to go back and reread years down the road.

Send a video telling someone why you’re thankful for them.

A bunch of you sent in videos telling me what you’re thankful for this week, so in this episode, we put together a little montage of you and what you’re thankful for.

For more ideas, check out the full episode! What would you add to these? Share your ideas for cultivating gratitude in my Facebook community!

Grateful for My Mom, Sharon Ramsey, and Her Amazing Recipes!

Thanksgiving is a big deal in the Ramsey household. My brother and sister bring their families over to Mom and Dad’s, where Mom has a Thanksgiving spread fit for a king laid out for everyone. The house smells so good. And the crazy thing is, Mom not only cooks it all, but she even comes up with the recipes for everything herself! In this episode, Mom is going to hook us up with her amazing recipes for Thanksgiving stuffing, green beans and dessert.

You can download Sharon Ramsey’s amazing Thanksgiving side dish recipes here.

Love Your Home, Not Theirs During the Holidays

One way that we can practice gratitude and contentment this season is by appreciating the space we live in.

Maybe that means repurposing some decorations from past years or from other parts of your house, or even buying items that you can transition from season to season.

Keep your home and everything in it protected 24/7 with SimpliSafe.

I love all things Christmas. And believe me, I know that Target and Pottery Barn have Christmas decorations that are downright magical! But I don’t want November and December to be a time when you put your debt snowball or savings on pause. So, before you go out and buy every sparkly Santa and red-nosed reindeer, let’s talk about some affordable ways to decorate that will be just as memorable.

Picture this:

You step outside your front door to pick up the newspaper. Does anyone still get newspapers? Maybe not, but go with me on this . . .

Your fuzzy, warm slippers almost touch the white edge of the snow on your front step, but you step back just in time. The cold air smells clean and it turns your nose pink. The snow-covered branches of the pine trees seem to be shivering too. You exhale as you bend down to pick up the newspaper, and you can see your breath. You snatch it up and scurry back into your toasty living room and close the door behind you.

Now, you probably didn’t notice that I never once mentioned the date or time of year. But based on everything else in the scene, you knew it was unmistakably winter. Imagine creating a beautiful winter vibe like that inside your house, and saving money in the process. You totally can!

This is a trick that my new friend, Myquillyn Smith—aka The Nester—just taught me. And in this episode, she’ll teach you all about it too! You’ll learn how to:

  • Create an atmosphere in your home that works for an entire season
  • Save time and money by focusing on five key pieces
  • Transform your house into a space that makes your guests and your family feel right at home

You can download The Nester’s own curated playlist for each season here!

My segment with The Nester made me feel so much better about my home and the décor I already have, and I know it will help you feel that way too. Don’t miss this one!

Here’s wishing you and your family a happy Thanksgiving filled with gratitude. This season, I hope you remember to take control of your money and create a life you love.

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Read the full transcript

– Mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing, cornucopia Black Friday shopping, it’s Thanksgiving! What a great time to be thankful. Can you believe that Thanksgiving is this week? It’s unbelievable. Because I always feel sad for Thanksgiving because I feel like it’s often forgotten about. So, in this episode we are not going to forget about Thanksgiving. We are going to have a fun cooking segment with my Mom, some Thanksgiving side dishes that you can make. We’ve asked you guys what you’re thankful for, and we got some really fun responses. And the Nester is coming on to help us decorate for winter. So it’s a Thanksgiving episode, which I love, because I feel like people are putting up Christmas decorations like right after Halloween. I’m like, “No, but there’s Thanksgiving!” And I will admit, though, I do put my Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving, I do, I’m not one of those like hardcore people, But Thanksgiving is such a vital holiday, because in order for you to win with money you have to be thankful. Because gratitude leads to contentment which helps you win with money, you guys. Learning to be content. So, right now, think of three things that you’re grateful for. Like right now, do it. And I want you to share below. So for me, three things I’m grateful for right this second Um, Chick-fil-A. Took the girls to Chick-fil-A last night, it was awesome and people that are like nice to you at a fast food restaurant and a great play set, like, yes, so thankful for Chick-fil-A. Um, I’m thankful for guys’ trips. Yeah, Winston’s on a guy’s trip right now, he comes home tonight, he’s been gone for three nights, aka why we went to Chick-fil-A and ate a frozen pizza the night before. Mom diet, it’s true, but I really am! I’m like, I was texting with Winston last night, and he was like, “I’m so refreshed, “I can’t wait to come back,” I’m like, “yes.” So ladies out there, P.S. Your guy needs to get out every now and then, he needs to hang out with guys, he needs to watch a game somewhere, he needs to go on a guys’ trip, he needs to be with dudes, K? And I tell Winston, when he goes and does this, I’m like, “You don’t have to text us. “Like, you’re gonna leave, we will miss you, we love you but “I’m not gonna text you. “So, if you want to talk to us, you can text us. “So, like, you have zero expectations. “For three days, go and enjoy.” So it’s good for them. Women out there, and us ladies, we need our girls’ nights, okay, for sure but, let your guy, let him go have a dudes’ night. Trust me, it’s good. #NotAMarriageCounselor but, we’ll keep going. Number three, I’m thankful for coffee. Mmm Hmm, it’s just so great isn’t it? So, look how easy that was, how easy that was. Yes, quick, so you guys think about it because being grateful and being thankful is ’tis the season and it’s good for your soul. Now, before everything gets crazy this holiday season here are a couple things to remember. Number one, Black Friday. It’s coming this Friday, and listen, I love Black Friday there’s gonna be some great sales, so if you have the budget and the money and you’re ready to shop, it is a great day to take advantage of all those sales. But, just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean it’s a good deal for you. So don’t go too crazy. Number two, if you don’t have your Christmas budget, this is a great time to do it. Now, we’re going to talk about this subject next episode of the Rachel Cruze Show, but it’s not too early to do your Christmas budget, so hunker down and say, “Okay, how much money do we have to spend this Christmas?” List out everyone that you’re gonna spend on, put dollar amounts next to each of their names, and that amount minus that list should equal zero. It’s like your monthly budget, but you’re doing it for Christmas. And number three, try to be present. Okay, the hustle and bustle is constant around this time, but sit down and actually enjoy the moment. Because time flies, you guys, and the worst thing is getting after New Years and you’re like, oh, looking back at your month or two months of your life and you’re like, “all I was was stressed and freaking out all the time,” so, be present, calm and enjoy. When we were at Chick-fil-A this lady next to me is sitting at a table was like, “How old is your daughter?” It was Caroline, I was like, “she’s 15 months.” She was like, “oh, it just goes by so fast.” And you hear people say that all the time but it was one of those just like, quick conversations I had with some stranger but I was like, “You’re right, it does go by fast. “I’m gonna just sit and enjoy.” So, I have learned, gratitude is just a huge part of my life these days and I started doing this habit a few years ago but it’s one that I think you need to pick up. So, in the mornings, I used to grab my phone, embarrassingly, check my email, check Instagram, check Twitter, all before I even got out of bed. I’m like, that’s how I started my day. Looking at other people’s lives and reading stuff on my phone. And I’m like, “No, this is so silly.” So I started this habit a few years ago where now, I type down three things or two things, that I’m grateful for. Kind of like the practice, what we just did a few minutes ago here on the show. But I do that every day. And I’m telling you, for me, it has been so great. I just type it on the notes icon on my iPhone. It’s really simple, nothing fancy, but it’s just a great way to kind of center myself in the morning and be like, “okay, here’s how I’m starting off my day.” And it changes your attitude, it changes so much. Because it allows me to be grateful. And I love that because you never know when things can change. So one other thing you guys need is life insurance. You need to know that your family is taken care of. It’s something that we often overlook and it’s something we don’t necessarily think about all the time but you have to have it. And I recommend Zander Insurance. So you’ll need 10 to 12 times your income, with a 15 to 20 year term policy. Now Winston and I, we use Zander and they are amazing. So, they’re so great you guys, check ’em out. And if you already have life insurance, it’s worth going and getting a new quote. Because re-shopping all insurance can be so good for your budget, so check out or just click the link below. Alright so coming up next we are going into the kitchen with someone that I am very grateful for. My Mom, Sharon Ramsey. Feeling safe at home for me, is a top priority. Especially since having kids, it’s always on the forefront of my mind. SimpliSafe Home Security has given me the peace of mind that no matter where I am, the things most precious to me are safe. SimpliSafe is a smart and affordable way to secure your home and protect your family. There are no contracts or long term commitments. And you can even customize it for your home specifically. And guys, it is so easy to install. You can do it yourself and have your whole house set up with in an hour and Winston’s favorite feature, is checking it on our phones while we’re on the go. Start monitoring your home around the clock with SimpliSafe. For just under $15 a month. Go to right now to get peace of mind without breaking the bank. Well back by popular demands, my Mom.

– Rachel.

– Mom, thanks for coming back on.

– Oh, I’m so happy to be here.

– People love when you come on.

– I really think you just tell me that, Rachel.

– No, no, they do. Because cooking is like your spiritual gift.

– Yes, I enjoy it.

– And you’re really good at it, always have been. And so we’re gonna give everyone two amazing side dishes for Thanksgiving because there’s always kind of the pressure of like, there’s a party or you’re cooking for family or extended family and you always want to have great side dishes so this is the woman to go to, people. Now Thanksgiving in our family, I hate to say it, Denise always offers to bring a dish,

– And what do you do?

– Nothing. Never.

– That’s okay.

– Is it?

– Yeah. Yeah, it’s never too late to start, Rachel.

– Oh, thanks, Mom.

– Never too late.

– That’s a great motivation. Okay, ’cause I just, I’m not a great cook and I don’t really like, I try.

– That’s okay.

– I’ve tried but our family, you do all the cook, you really,

– I really do and you know, cooking for Thanksgiving is something I really enjoy doing.

– Yes.

– I mean it took a lot of years to practice, it took a lot of years to

– Yup

– really know how to do the perfect dishes and a tip,

– Yes.

– Tips.

– I love tips.

– Because we usually eat on Wednesday nights.

– We started a tradition with the Ramseys because of the way all of the in-laws worked and everyone’s schedules, we do Wednesday night dinner.

– Yes, and it works great.

– Yes.

– And so I really start planning a week ahead. I go to the grocery, I buy basically everything,

– Yup.

– The week before.

– Yup.

– And then probably Monday, two to three days before, is when I do all of the really harder,

– Yeah, like the prep

– dishes

– And stuff?

– Yes.

– So do you make, you make things before the actual dinner?

– Yes. Yes, the one thing I do not make would be our green beans that we’re gonna do today.

– Oh, good. Okay, green beans. ‘Cause green beans are not my favorite food in the world, not gonna lie to you guys, because usually if you have ’em it’s just like out of a can and that’s when you eat it, but you don’t just do out of the can, you do a bunch of other stuff in your green beans.

– I do.

– So talk me through your green bean recipe.

– Yes. Well, I do use canned green beans.

– Yes.

– I in the summer months when we have fresh green beans I do fresh.

– ‘Cause then you like pop ’em and all that

– Oh, yes.

– Yes.

– Fresh, but.

– So much work. But canned is good for Thanksgiving?

– Yes, perfect.

– And you have a brand you love.

– I love, it took several times making it,

– Yeah

– but I really think Allens,

– Allens.

– And it’s the Italian green beans.

– ‘Cause it has like a seasoning in it?

– And, it’s a two pound, they come in different sizes. This is four pounds.

– It’s a lot, okay, perfect.

– And so I would take and, with your vegetables, all vegetables have water

– Yes. In the can.

– In the can. So it’s always very important to rinse your vegetables. So.

– Yeah, I don’t do that.

– You just, strain ’em. All you do is strain them.

– Is it terrible that I don’t wash them?

– Well. Yes, it could be. So.

– So put ’em in a strainer. Always wash your canned vegetables.

– Yes. Wash your cans. Yes, yes.

– Okay.

– What we’re gonna do is just put our two cans of green beans. And depending on the size of your family, I usually for Thanksgiving, I think I do at least three to four.

– And you’re doing a crock pot?

– Yes, for Thanksgiving. If I’ve normally, was just during, anytime during the week, I would do it on the stove.

– Okay, so then how long do you cook the green beans?

– Yes. If it’s in the crock pot, in the mornings, I would usually put it on, probably for about two hours on high, and then I would turn it down to low, maybe, just depending, you can always check

– Yeah.

– Maybe two hours, three hours.

– Okay, so about five hours total. Half on high, half on low?

– Yes.

– Ish.

– Yes, yes. And people in the South, we do cook our vegetables a little longer, I have been told.

– Okay.

– So it does depend maybe what you prefer to,

– I love that, I love it. Hey, Southern people cook really good meals.

– Yes.

– So. So, washed green beans, from the can goes in the crock pot, what’s next?

– Yes. So I would buy anything that’s organic. It’s always chicken broth, and I would use probably, depending on how much liquid you want, maybe about a cup.

– Okay.

– So just pour a cup in.

– Oh, oh see. Okay, nope. We can’t do this, because you say pour a cup in, I need a measuring cup.

– Okay,

– So you go.

– Let’s just, let’s just maybe

– Stresses me out.

– Just cover the bottom.

– Cover the bottom, that’s a good tip.

– That’s good.

– Okay.

– And that’s probably, I’m gonna say, a cup and a half.

– Okay. Just eye-balling it, people. Just eye ball it.

– Just eye balling. And everybody prefers different

– Levels of salt and pepper.

– And

– But you use a lot of seasonings.

– I do.

– Yeah.

– And I know some people put even, hot flakes.

– Oh, like red peppers.

– Yes, red pepper flakes.

– That’s good. Alright, but. Let me do something, I feel like you’re cooking it.

– Okay, okay.

– So what am I doing, Mom, here?

– You’re putting the butter in.

– That’s great. K, how much butter?

– Which is Ah, two tablespoons.

– K. And then, this is your secret ingredient?

– This is a secret ingredient. At Thanksgiving, we have a ham and a turkey. And you’re always gonna have so much ham left over.

– Yup.

– And so each year, I will freeze the ham that is left over from our Thanksgiving. And I use it throughout the year. You use it on soups, you use it in any type of beans,

– Yes.

– So, you have to be creative.

– We always leave with a bag of ham from Mom’s house.

– I do.

– And how is this, like let me, I’m gonna pick it up, I washed my hands, but just to show everyone. Like, so you just get a chunk. Chunks of ham.

– I’m just totally guessing. Yes.

– Guys but you just put ham in. Because what does the ham do in flavor.

– Well it adds, because of the fat that is on the ham all the seasonings that the ham has on.

– Okay.

– It will cook into the green beans.

– Okay. Amazing. So that’s it!

– Yeah, that’s it.

– And it actually, the flavor it’s amazing, versus just like out of the can green bean.

– Totally.

– An unwashed green bean out of the can. This is washed,

– Totally.

– With all the good stuff in it.

– Totally.

– Love it, Mom. Okay. We’re gonna put this aside and do my favorite recipe that you make.

– Yes. Let’s do it.

– Her stuffing.

– Let’s do it.

– Alright, the next recipe is, your famous stuffing.

– Yes. I had to go through several different dressing recipes to find the perfect one.

– Okay.

– And so I found this one, I’m gonna say maybe eight years ago. And I’ve stuck with that throughout the years.

– That’s good. So this is.

– And everyone loves it, so.

– It’s bulletproof, people.

– I think I think I’ll stick with it forever.

– Okay, so we do dry ingredients first, you said.

– Yes.

– So this is biscuits.

– This is biscuits. And I love the Pillsbury frozen biscuits. And I do the buttermilk,

– Yeah.

– because they’re fluffy, they add a little bit of flavor.

– Yup.

– They’re just really good.

– K, so four cups of biscuits which is about, what, eight biscuits?

– I’m gonna say

– You said?

– Yes. Probably eight biscuits.

– Okay, perfect. So eight biscuits, crumbled up, cooked.

– Yes.

– Next is corn bread.

– Yes. Corn bread.

– Four cups of corn bread.

– Yes.

– So it’s four cups of biscuits,

– Corn bread.

– four cups of corn bread. Okay, and then bread crumbs.

– Yes.

– And four cups of bread crumbs as well.

– Yes.

– And your thing with bread crumbs?

– Yes. Um. Can go to the bakery, at most grocery stores, and they will have the crouton bread crumbs which really add, and will probably make the recipe a little different,

– Okay.

– But it’s yummy. And it, again

– Okay, so use,

– like a lot of flavors are already added.

– Ah ha,

– So it kind of just adds to the mix a little. And then we will do our onions, celery

– celery,

– Green onions, parsley and then we have sage,

– And then

– And then of course we have our famous salt and pepper.

– Salt and pepper. You gotta say your famous phrase, Mom.

– Yes. Rachel just open up your spice cabinet.

– There it is, people.

– Anything will work.

– There it is.

– Yes.

– Alright, then you do

– And then we we’ll add all of our liquids. And this is chicken broth. The recipe actually calls for about two to three cups.

– Okay.

– But we like ours moist.

– Yes.

– So, I will always add

– More.

– An extra cup.

– Four cups.

– Which is probably about four cups.

– Okay, perfect.

– And then again, once you’re mixing it,

– Yeah.

– And you feel like, maybe it’s a little drier. Because when you bake it,

– Ah ha,

– It’s gonna absorb all of the chicken broth. And then we have

– Oh, this is looking so good.

– Eggs, which are two slightly beaten eggs.

– Okay. And then butter.

– And then we have our butter. Which is always special.

– Half a cup.

– Half a cup of butter.

– Yum.

– Yes.

– Okay. I’m gonna.

– And you just mix it all up.

– And you put it in a greased pan?

– Yes.

– And you put it in the oven for?

– 45 minutes.

– Okay, at?

– 350.

– 350 for 45 minutes. Home made stuffing, you guys.

– It’s delicious.

– It is, it’s so good.

– Delicious.

– Okay, so I’ll finish mixing this, and we’ll get our two dishes ready,

– Okay.

– And we’ll taste them.

– Yes. How fun.

– Alright, finished product. Two great side dishes for Thanksgiving. So good. And if you guys want these two recipes and a surprise recipe that may have to do with dessert.

– Dessert. Sharon’s famous, so, more recipes to come. Make sure to click the link below. Alright, cheers

– Let’s do it.

– To stuffing.

– Mmm mmm.

– That’s good.

– Very good.

– That’s good, guys.

– It’s good.

– Mom, thanks for coming on.

– Oh, I loved it.

– You’ll have to come back.

– Thank you, Rachel. Thank you.

– Cook more for us.

– I will, thanks.

– Those recipes are so great, you guys. I wish you could have just like smelled it through the camera because they’re delicious! So I just love having my Mom on, and I also love that recently I asked you guys, on Instagram what you are thankful for and so many of you responded and I loved your responses. So, check them out.

– I’m thankful for kind people.

– I am very grateful for my wonderful husband and after eight years of trying, our beautiful little girl Israela.

– And I’m grateful for the great U.S. of A. This country that we live in.

– I am thankful for my son, because of him I decided to start a business and chase after my goals and my dreams.

– I am just grateful for all the great teachers out there dealing with our kids and supporting them.

– This year I’m thankful for my wonderful fiance, and of course, having good coffee every morning.

– Well this year, I’m specially thankful for the birth of our first grand daughter, Ellie Grace.

– I am thankful for my dogs and for all of the joy that they bring.

– I love hearing from you guys. Seriously, it’s so great. I love thankfulness, we’re just like, we’re all about thankfulness here. So great. Now, the Nester is coming up next, and if you are not familiar with her, she is amazing. She’s so great. She takes a minimalist approach to decorating and home stuff and so she has some great tips for us. So, check this out. Thank you so much for being here.

– Thank you for having me.

– Making a stop in Nashville,

– Yes.

– Here, I’m so happy, so. For those people that don’t know exactly like what you do and what you’re all about, give me like a little snapshot.

– Oh, absolutely. I love to help women get their home looking the way they’ve always wanted. So that they can use it the way they’ve always dreamed.

– I love that.

– So it’s not so we can show off, or be in a magazine. But so we can finally kind of forget about our home and use it.

– Oh, it’s so good. And there’s like such a contentment piece,

– Yeah.

– to your message, which is like the heart of me. So I’m like,

– Yay.

– I so love it. And you’ve brought some like beautiful things.

– I brought some props.

– So cozy and great. And so a big thing that you do is like the five senses.

– Yes.

– So tell me like a little bit about that.

– Well. Think about when you go outside in nature, any time of the year. You automatically, without knowing what day it is, you know, kind of the season.

– Yes.

– Like you’re gonna know, it’s Fall, or it’s Winter, it’s Spring, it’s Summer. And the reason you know that is because, through out five senses. So you can feel the air, you feel the temperature, you smell the scent of whatever is blooming,

– Yes.

– Currently. You hear different things depending on the season. And when we apply that to our home, it’s more of like a natural, the inside meets the outside instead of, it feeling disconnected.

– I love that. It’s like such an experience

– It is!

– Too, right?

– Yeah.

– Like you feel like you’re, one.

– So it’s like all instead of just visual.

– Yes.

– Which was the mistake that I made for so long.

– Huh, yeah.

– I only focused on the visual. But there’s so many other parts that we can enjoy when we bring that into our house.

– Yes. I love that, because you’re also not spending like all this money, right, trying to be like, okay, Christmas and then New, it’s like you’re trying to hit every little thing, Easter in the Spring It’s just like, more like, oh no, this is the season. Like, it’s Winter.

– It is.

– And it’s Fall and all that.

– Yes. And so we focus on more of the overall supplies for our home instead of just like, “Oh, I’m gonna go to the holiday aisle “and buy one of everything so I pack it away forever.”

– Yes.

– ‘Cause that’s what I want to avoid. Like, I don’t want to have a part time job, packing away my red and green bins, or what have you,

– Amen, sister.

– Every season. I still want to have a few things, but I found, when my house is ready seasonally, I need a lot less stuff.

– I love that. Okay, and so this is Winter. We’re doing Winter.

– This is Winter.

– Which I love, so great.

– Yeah.

– Okay, I’m just seeing this beautiful

– I know,

– velvet pillow, I just want to like, touch it,

– Exactly.

– And all the fluffy stuff.

– Okay, see, I did my job. So guess what we want?

– I’m already gonna spoil it.

– Yes.

– Can we show the can we show

– This, okay, so.

– The zipper, I mean.

– The ideal pillow is one with a zipper because you can really zip this off,

– Yeah,

– throw it in the washer and put it back on. So you don’t have to fuss at your husband or your kids for laying on it.

– I was gonna say,

– Or eating on it, that’s what it’s for, these are made to be used

– And to live in.

– And if you get pillows with zippers you can do it.

– Yes, yes.

– Yes. Oh, okay and this stuff, this is like from Home Goods, right?

– Home Goods so $16.99,

– So this all could be inexpensive, you guys, you can do this so well.

– Yes.

– I love it. And this beautiful throw.

– So yeah, I love to have kind of a statement throw, for something really cozy and kind of nubby, and this has all kinds of different fun textures

– So cute, yes.

– But it still feels like, this makes me feel like Fall, even when my eyes are closed. Makes me feel wintry and warm and cozy, so a throw, switching out those few throws, maybe switching out your sheets?

– Mmm Hmm.

– So those flannel sheets on your kids’ beds, they are gonna feel super cozy, without having to fill their room with extra stuff.

– I love it. So, so great.

– Yeah.

– I see popcorn.

– You see popcorn.

– Which is tasty. I’m so excited.

– And so that’s just one example, I mean there are many things that we think of when we think of Winter. Maybe you think of

– I think of this.

– Yup, caramel popcorn. The soups, the breads, making cinnamon rolls, like, remember to get yourself the supplies so that you can make those. If you’re gonna have people over for different celebrations, I know forever, I would think so much about little trinkets and like oh the bells, and the garlands and the Santas and the snowmans.

– Yes, yes.

– Nothing wrong with that, but if you don’t have the basic things, so that you can serve people and that’s a great place to start with getting those Winter supplies,

– Yes,

– for your home. And when you look at this tray, look. There’s nothing about it that says Christmas, or holiday, it doesn’t have a snowman on it, it doesn’t have a

– Yup.

– stocking, anything like that. It’s what you put with it. And we can use it, I can use this on Fourth of July.

– Oh yeah, totally, yes.

– And it will be fine. That’s our goal. We want those candle sticks, we want those bowls and serving trays that we can hopefully use year round

– Yeah,

– or at least half a year and get more mileage out of it.

– So great, I love it.

– Yeah.

– Alright next, sounds.

– Yes.

– Or hearing, or whatever the sense is.

– Absolutely. Well, I like to have a playlist for every season. I know it sounds kinda dorky. But there’s something that happens when you listen year after year. We probably have, you probably have a Christmas album,

– Yes.

– That you love.

– I was gonna say, Michael Buble.

– There you go.

– I love it, and it does, it reminds me of Christmas, so I’m like, “I want something like that now.” All year round

– Yes!

– That you play and you like remember.

– Mmm Hmm. And so you can have your Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall playlist. And you want to make sure you have a way to amplify that sound somehow in your house.

– I mean how adorable is this?

– Isn’t that cute?

– So cute.

– So this is not electronical at all.

– Yeah.

– So you just sit it there

– No batteries no plug-in

– Ah ha, it’s from Target. I think it’s $20-ish. I set mine in my kitchen. And that way we can actually hear the playlist that I’ve, you know, curated.

– Yes. Oh, I love it. I know, I like secretly wish I was hipster and like super cool, could like wear a hat. Like I was just one of those people.

– You can wear a hat. You can so wear a hat.

– But the like, record player, I’m like, I don’t even know where to buy one, but this like makes me feel

– Amazon, you can buy it on Amazon.

– Yeah, there you go. That’s right, Amazon has everything. But this makes me feel like,

– It’s like the next best thing.

– Cool.

– Ah ha.

– So great. Okay, I see a scented candle.

– Yes.

– And I smell it.

– Yeah,

– And it’s wonderful. So smell is big.

– It is. You know when we close our eyes in our home, listen, if we don’t have any visual decor out, but if you can smell popcorn, if you can smell the smell of like,

– The candle.

– Your favorite candle. That smells like Winter to you, so it doesn’t necessarily have to smell like Winter to everyone else.

– Yup.

– But what feels good to you. Or essential oils, whatever it is. If you’re cozied up in a blanket, suddenly it feels like Winter without any visual decor,

– Yes,

– So let’s save that visual for last.

– Now, isn’t scents like the number one key of memory, or something like that?

– Yeah, it it like triggers nostalgia.

– Yes.

– And so, the first thing you notice when you walk into the space, if there is a scent, you know, you’re gonna pick up on that right away.

– Yes. So great. Okay, last is visual.

– Yeah.

– Which we’ve kind of been doing this whole time, but

– We have.

– You have like a great tip around that.

– Yeah, okay, well when you look at all of this stuff individually, I didn’t buy any of it from the holiday aisle. So a lot of this I can use year round, half a year, whatever it is. I can use this outside. What makes this feel like Winter is the evergreen. I’m staying in a local hotel, I just picked this from the parking lot, there is something magical about bringing that evergreen, or magnolia trees or whatever it is, into your home and it suddenly triggers that Christmas time

– Yes.

– Wintry feeling.

– And it smell so great, too.

– It smells so good. Yeah.

– Oh, I love that. So it’s like bringing nature into your house.

– Yes.

– And, I’m so excited. Your new book is out. You guys, you have to check this out. Okay, so tell me a little bit about this.

– Well, it’s Cozy Minimalist Home, so it’s how to get the most amount of style with the least amount of stuff.

– So great, and you’re on like Instagram, you’re everywhere.

– Yeah, oh

– So where’s the best place to connect with you?

– Instagram is the number one place that I love to hang out, @thenester. You will never come away leaving bad about your house, hopefully you’ll always leave feeling really motivated

– Yes.

– And happy about you know, even the most imperfect parts of your home, we just embrace those and call them lovely limitations and use those as jumping off points to get creative.

– That’s so great. You guys, the Nester, you are fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. So make sure, check out the book and thanks for stopping by.

– Oh, it was a pleasure. Thanks for having me.

– So great. Weren’t those tips so great? I mean, she’s so smart, I love it. Alright you guys, she works hard saving money. Robyn said, “I downloaded, printed and “hung the baby step one goal tracker “in our pantry two weeks ago. “I’m a huge visual learner, so “this is what we needed to get back on track. “Today, we colored in the last square on this paper.” Robyn, great job! Hayley said, “One of my college roommates announced “that she was getting married at a resort “in Mexico this past summer. “My husband and I were not sure “if we’d be able to afford it “because he was finishing up grad school “and we were on a tight newlywed budget. “We downloaded the EveryDollar app “at the beginning of our marriage “and it has been a life saver. “A few months before the trip to Mexico “we already saved up what we needed to go on the trip “and were able to pay for it right away without any debt!” Hayley, that’s incredible. So great, you guys. Maddi said, “Our Tatum purchased a new iPad “with her own hard earned money. “She sold things and did a lot of chores. “Cash is king. “Dave Ramsey, thank you for Financial Peace Junior. “Thank you and Rachel Cruze for Smart Money Smart Kids.” #SheWorksHardSavingMoney. So fun, you guys. Remember to post those to social with the hashtag, she works hard saving money, so we can celebrate you here. Alright I loved this episode because I love talking about thankfulness and gratitude because that leads to contentment. And in our world today, you guys, it is so hard to be content. So if that’s something you struggle with, or you just want better money habits, make sure to check out my book, Love Your Life, Not Theirs. You can click the link below for that. Thanks to my Mom for coming on and cooking up some delicious recipes, Thank you guys for sending in your videos of your gratitude and thanks for the Nester for coming on and for you guys for watching. So remember, to take control of your money and create a life you love.