How You Worked Hard Saving Money All Year Long


- Three, Two, One, Happy New Year! Tonight is the night. You guys, it's New Year's Eve. 2019, it's upon us. It is just crazy, and we are on The Rachel Cruze Show. We are ready to celebrate New Year's Eve, I got my earrings. I got my fun shoes on, I got my glasses, all the things, okay? It's gonna be so fun because I look back at this year on the show and it has been an incredible year. I've had so many fun guests on, there's been great segments, great stories from you guys. So this episode, we are going to highlight some of your favorite moments, some of my favorite moments, and update you on how some of our guests are doing. And you might think that I do this whole show in one take, but it's not exactly the truth. So, I'm gonna show you some embarrassing moments I've had here on the set, it'll be fantastic. And I'd like to give a huge thanks to my sponsors this year. I would not be able to do the show without you guys. You make this show possible. And it's sponsors like Xander and SimpliSafe, whose actually sponsoring this episode, have been the reason that we have continued to be able to bring you guys valuable content to help you on your money journey. So, let's get right to it. I've had so many great memories and guests on the show and one of my favorites were The Minimalists. I love them, I know you love them, they are just fantastic. I love it because they even challenged me personally, they just reinforced the idea that stuff is never going to make you happy, right? You can have fun with you things, you can enjoy it. but overall, it's not going to give you long-term happiness. And they challenged me on The Minimalist Challenge where you give away, or throw away, or sell, get rid of one item per the date of the month. So, I did it. It was like 536 items The Cruze household got rid of, and it felt so great just to declutter and it kind of reinforces this idea again, that stuff is enjoyable but it is not going to bring you contentment and joy for the long-term. Now, I had some incredible people to come on and share their stories personally, and one of my favorites was the Shivers family, Taylor and Stephanie. If you remember, they did something so drastic. They sold their house to get out of debt, that's right. I mean, absolutely amazing. The sacrifice that they put in and how far they've come is so incredible. So I loved having them on and hearing their story. I even had my own dad on the show. That's right, Dave Ramsey came in to The Rachel Cruze Show world and it was so fun. And I know a lot of you guys who are doing the baby steps, you're getting outta debt and you've been following Ramsey's Solutions, you loved having him on and I did too. So, I'm actually gonna bring him back next week for next week's episode, so make sure to tune into that. And I could not have my dad on without bringing on my mom, sweet Sharon Ramsey. I mean, let's be honest, she became the star of the show, right? We all learned something about cooking, she always had great tips like southern people cook their vegetables longer than northern people. Her quote, not mine. And we all know the famous saying now, Just open up your spice cabinet and you can make anything taste good, you guys. It's all in the spice cabinet, according to Sharon Ramsey. So I'll have to bring her back for sure next year. I think one of the prettiest episodes we had was when Pizzazzerie came on and showed us how we can all throw amazing, beautiful parties. Everything from birthday parties to baby showers and make our house look beautiful, but on a budget. All those set-ups were just incredible and I've said it on the show a thousand times and I'm staying true to it, I'm not the most creative person in the world. So, having someone like her on who's an expert in this was so fun and so enjoyable and she's just fantastic. And last episode, I loved getting to talk to Amy Brown about giving. She was just phenomenal. Being able to talk about the importance of what she's doing, but how it's contagious, right? You hear a story like that, you see the impact she's making, you think, what can I do with my life? And just how the truth of it is is that giving gives you such joy, it's so much fun, it really is. It's the most fun that you can have with money and she just reinforced that over and over again and I loved that. Now, some of the most fun I have on the show are things that you guys don't always get to see. Yeah, because sometimes things don't go according to the plan, AKA I can't read my notes and I forget my lines, and all of the above. So, just enjoy this little gander of all my mess ups and the fun that we have on the show. Let's start that over, sorry. Quiet on set. Make sure I have no peanut butter bar in my teeth. Oh my gosh! Getting braver.

- You didn't ask for any help. Did it get you?

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- Oh gross, it's just so gross. I don't wanna look at him. Oh, he's moving. Oh, and he peed. One of these things. God dang it! One of these things is not. I can't do it now. Apparently I like Italian food. This is Mexican. That's not Italian. Oh gosh, that's not right. Oh gosh, sorry. Oh gosh, sorry. Geez, geez, it's going downhill quick, Chad. You have to save this ship, it's sinking. Working on that physique, you know? Now I feel so weird right now. Graphic and the all of it. Crock pot break, crock pot. I fecked, duh. Try and be casual. Casual. I don't have a measurement, you guys. It's just like the sprit leads, and I obey. Sorry, so so stupid. The spirit leads and I obey. Like, who says that? So, what we're gonna make is honey. Oh, what are we making? And then you get some sriracha sauce. Okay, I really can't open it. World's best boss. I think I sound crazy. Don't make me do it again. You're not gonna make me have to do that whole intro again.

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- Oh my gosh. Classic Chad. You happy? You good, you good? Preacher Rachel.

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- Coming out. Oh, bloopers, You gotta love 'em, guys, you gotta love 'em. Well, part of this show that I love is bringing on people to share their lives. Some of these guests had their money all put together and they were able to share with you some of the wins that they had and how they did it. And others were just getting started. So, if you've been wondering about them, we reached out and they're giving us an update on how they're doing. Now, Jennifer Raisbeck, if you remember, she was a single who paid off $12,000 dollars in debt. We reached out to her to see how she was doing and she said, I'm using Baby Step 3B, which means, she outta debt and has a fully funded emergency fund. To cashflow two vacations in 2019. Florida with my kids in March, and a girls trip in December for an eight-day Caribbean cruise, as well as saving for a ductless AC unit for my condo. My 16-year old started using every dollar in November and is currently refunding his $500 dollar emergency fund and saving for new tires. My eight-year old also has a savings goal of a small laptop if he doesn't get it for Christmas. Jennifer, I love that, I mean, she's killing it you guys. And next we had Cole, and Cole was so much fun to have on. If you remember, she paid off her house. Yes, she did. And she was pregnant, about to have a baby. So, Cole said, On Tuesday, May 29th, we had a healthy baby boy. I was able to take my full maternity leave and not worry about the money aspect of it, which was amazing. I'm meeting with my SmartVestor Pro next week to put money into an account for Jax, as well fund my investment account for the year. Our next steps are to save and pay cash for my next vehicle and to buy land and build our dream home. Ah, so great Cole, I love it. Next we had Kylie and Elijah, they were newlyweds and they had never done a budget together. They had some student loans, but were overall in a really good spot for their future. They had some money in savings and it was enough to pay off their student loan. So I urged them to, so, here's what they said. Following Rachel's advice, Elijah and I paid off my undergrad student loans, Love it, and using some of the money I had in savings. We try to stick to the budget using the EveryDollar app and we were able to save a lot every month. So, we're hoping to cash flow a new car for Elijah soon and also still have enough money to buy a house. They did it, they paid off their loans. Oh my gosh, so happy. Next we had Taylor and Stephanie and I mentioned them earlier in the show, but again, the sold their house to get out of debt. So, here's how they were doing. In 2018, we paid off a little over $115,000 dollars in debt. We paid 12 student loans and all of our medical debt. We cash flowed new tires, dental work, and Christmas. We are just under $30,000 dollars in student loan debt left. With what we're putting towards debt each month, we are projected to be debt-free around May of 2020. Guys, completely debt-free. Oh, so fun, so so fun. Now, Elle came on and she was on with Chris Hogan and me if you remember, And she had just finished Baby Step two, she got outta debt completely and she was on her way to becoming an everyday millionaire. So, here's what she said. I met with my SmartVestor Pro and have my investments all set up in an organized manner. I'm continuing to save and hopefully, home ownership will be in my near future. Thanks for all your help. Elle, thank you, seriously for coming on and doing that, and you're killing it, love it. Next we had Melvin and Danielle. Now they were just a few episodes ago and if you remember they were gazelle intense and they cut up 17, yeah, 17 credit cards. So here's what they said. Since being on the show we have made great progress towards our goals of getting out of debt. My wife decided to make a big change and take on a part time job at our local Panera Bread. We've also paid off our first student loan. In three months we paid off $6800 in student loans. One down, Four more to go. You guys, you're killing it, seriously, all of you. I can not believe the progress that you have made this year. Thank you so much for being on, and you're just doing an incredible job. So I love to have people like you, yes you watching, here on the show. So, if you need help, or you want to share your success story, email me at I say it every episode, every episode, and I will continue to say it every episode, cause it's the truth. Coming up right now, like this second. It is the favorite part of my show. It is celebrating you guys in she works hard saving money. Now, listen up. It is a new year. It's a new me, and I have a new song. Yeah, she works hard saving money has a theme song. You hear it? Oh it's just fantastic. Alright, let's dive in. Madeleine said, I am so proud of my daughter Iris, who has been saving her commission money for five months now to buy American Girl's Bitty babies and gear. Here is the first purchase! Jaclyn said, We just got back from our annual family vacation in San Francisco and it feels so good not to worry about the bill coming because it was paid for in cash. Amber posted in our Facebook community, this is a good one. I walked away from a car purchase today, cash only of course, because after negotiating it was still $200 over my car budget that I have been saving for for over a year. The dealer looked at me like I was crazy and said, Can't you just put $200 on a card? It's strange and disappointing because I wanted the car, but I'm really proud of myself for not dipping into the emergency fund for non-emergencies. There are a million used cars for sale. I can walk away knowing I followed my principles. And she posted again in the Facebook community with this update. I posted earlier this week about walking away from a car purchase because it didn't fit into my cash budget. Well guess what? The dealer called me five days later, and offered me a price $100 lower than what I had originally asked for, which was $700 lower than what they wanted. So I bought the Car. Keep up good work, Dave Ramsey tribe. This stuff works. I love that. If you guys want progress with your money like these people, make sure to visit, and check out past episodes of the show. It will keep you encouraged, and give you some great tips. Thanks you guys so much for watching and making this an incredible year. Now many of you may not know how many people it takes to pull off a show like this, but here is the Rachel Cruze show team, and I'm so thankful for them. So remember you guys, in 2019 to take control of your money and create a life you love. And we are here to say, Happy New Year!