Lies People Believe About Getting Out of Debt

Learn Rachel's Simple Rules of Successful Negotiating

Watch this short video from Financial Peace University to learn 7 tips on how to negotiate like a pro.

I’m going to let you in on something you might not believe: You can enjoy your life while you’re getting out of debt!

Getting out of debt may be uncomfortable. It’s pretty countercultural. And it definitely requires discipline. But believe it or not, millions of people have gotten out of debt and didn’t hate their lives in the process. This episode is all about super practical ways to love your life while getting out of debt!

Here are some of the lies you might hear about getting out of debt:

  • “You can’t find a nice, affordable used car.”
  • “You can’t eat healthy on a budget.”
  • “It’s too hard to have fun when you’re getting out of debt.”

One of the lies you might tell yourself is that you’re the only one stressed or struggling with your money. But that’s not true, and if you need a safe space to have all the feelings about it, check out my Facebook community for encouragement.

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And for life insurance, Winston and I trust Zander. Having the right life insurance policy is vital to making sure your family is prepared for the future throughout your entire debt-free journey.

Don’t let the lies culture tells you keep you from taking control of your money and creating a life you love!

To begin your journey and become debt free, check out Financial Peace University today.

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