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Stephanie and Taylor Shivers were pretty much drowning in debt. Between student loans, medical bills and living expenses, they owed $142,000—which would take them 25 to 30 years to pay off. The happiest of moments in their lives were paired with an undercurrent of fear, anxiety and hopelessness related to debt. You can imagine, right?

So, Stephanie and Taylor took a big step of faith: They sold their house. Talk about radical! In this episode, you’ll hear how debt affected their marriage on a practical and an emotional level—and if their plan of selling their home to pay off as much debt as possible worked. Aren’t you dying to know how it went?

Plus, some of my favorite guests ever are on this episode. The Minimalists are here! Our messages are so similar, and during our conversation we cover:

  • Why stuff doesn’t equal happiness.
  • The flawed idea of using debt as a means of getting more things.
  • How to make room for what really matters.

Who set the standard of living in America today anyway? Who decided that you must have a garage with two cars in it, a house filled with all the latest and greatest technology, a home just for vacations, and a closet full of new, trendy clothes? I’m getting mad again just thinking about it! So in this episode, we’ll challenge the status quo.