College Planning

Don’t Go to College!

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  • Taylor

    This is insane…Rachel Cruze seems like a nice person, but you really have to be out-of-touch to give elitist financial advice like this. Reminds me of Romney’s advice to “borrow from your parents.”

  • Taylor

    I think that one of the problems in Christian and conservative circles (which don’t completely overlap) is an over-valuation of financial capital vs human capital in the form of preventative health and education. This is an increasingly educated society; college is basically the new equivalent of high school and necessary for even low-wage jobs for experienced adults. But another part of the disconnect is the conservative equation of college experience as job preparation…it’s much more than that…it’s life preparation. Indeed, there are people out there who are not able to pursue a college degree, but when it is an option, it almost always pays off.