College Planning

How Can I go to College Without Student Loans?

You can be a student without a loan. No, really—you can! In July’s featured question from Cassie, I explain how she can go back to school without dropping $65,000 on her degree.

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  • Raenate Santos

    Rachel, are there any affordable online universities you could suggest to us working moms? I am unable to leave my place of employment in order to take courses at the local (less costly) university to finish my elementary ed degree. I was a student with University of Phoenix, but after $28,000 in student loan debt, I stopped when I discovered your dad’s talk show speaking out against student loan debt. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

  • Candb Mcfamily

    Western Governors University… ALL THE WAY!!!

  • homemom3

    I wish I was introduced to Dave Ramsey or even your site before I went to college. I am so far in debt that it looks like a mountain. I can’t wait until I can scream I am debt free, in the process now. (just beginning)