Debt-Free Living

3 Things to Save Money on This Week

Here are three items you can save money on as we start the new year!


  • Kellie

    White sale! We are saving for a new bed and will need new bedding.

  • Jamie Mack

    I found plan white plastic table clothes in the Christmas clearance section, they $0.90 each for a 2 pack…I bought 3 packs. That was $0.45 each. I use them for craft projects and DIY for easy clean up.

  • Carrie

    I purchased all my Christmas ornaments and stocking stuffers for grandkids and family members for next year, I save a bundle between Hobby Lobby and Micheals. I put a large bag in my gift closet and labeled it Christmas.
    I give the ornaments at Thanksgiving so my family can decorate their trees with the new ornaments.

  • Katie DeFrank

    My husband and I just bought a (fake) Christmas tree at our local grocery store this evening. 6 feet tall with lights…originally $99.99 and got it on sale for $30!!! 🙂

  • Renee

    First week of January is a great time to get storage containers! I finally got all my summer/fall stuff packed away neatly. The kids clothes had outgrow their little bins that their baby/toddler clothes fit in. So under the bed that stuff went.