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3 Things You Should Consider Renting

Renting is not a bad thing. Here are three things you should consider renting.


  • Alexis Folkerts

    Wedding decorations! So much better than buying.

  • mojomartini

    I’d be careful about telling people they should have no debt before buying a house. Your income should certainly be high enough to make payments on your debt, including a mortgage. But you need not be completely out of debt before applying for a mortgage. I would be much worse off financially if I had waited to pay off my students loans before I bought a house. 🙂

  • Dana Thibodeau


  • Lucas Nettles

    Great words. Before you buy a house be out of debt and have a fully funded emergency fund. Love it and living it.

    • Lisa

      Oh so true. #learnedthehardway #helpfromWellsFargo

    • Lynette

      Plus save up for a down payment! So many people think they can buy a home with little to nothing down. It costs you a lot in the end with PMI.

  • Lynn Power Hunter

    I am a renter…..feels like a recovery group opening. Yes I am a renter. Also I am a senior citizen, single…not an invite just a fact. Continuing to work full-time. With only monthly bills currently very little emergency funds. Paying off some dollars oopses. Would love to own but also aware of physical and financial limitations. So as I rebuild my emergency fund and take time to enjoy my families I will consider or fantasize on a purchase,but remember can I maintain it? Yeah, one day at a time.

  • Lisa

    More things to rent: Water softeners! You can blow thru those so fast–let someone else have the liability. Maternity professional and occasion wear. Car instead of a cab–some cities have cars you can rent dirt cheap by the half hour or hour.

    • Margaret Gustafson

      You only blow through those if you buy a crappy one. Buy a Kinetico and you’ll probably have it for 30 to 40 years or longer
      as long as you change the filters on it when you are supposed to. We just bought our second Kinetico system and only because we moved into a new home. A Kinetico will also be a selling point should you ever sell your home which is why we left ours with our old home. I love, love, love my kinetico – best softener and drinking water filtration system you can buy.

  • Jonesy

    Any debt makes you “slave to the lender”. Whoever said there is good debt is LYING!! Despite having a high salary and being “able” to make monthly mortgage payments on a good size house, I have decided to take the high road and follow Dave’s teachings. I am getting married in August, and we have no problem with renting until we pay off my high student loans, car, and cash flow my fiancĂ©’s bachelors degree he is working on. Being responsible won’t make you “worse off financially”. That makes no sense. My fiancĂ© and I say to let’s be weird and responsibly purchase a house one day with cash!! Won’t you join us?!

    • Feisty Feline

      Interesting. We took a large mortgage, and the property has doubled in value since. However, we have no student loans, and paid cash for school. We don’t have $1,200/mo tied up in a liberal arts degree.

      So now it’s cost us $140K in interest on an asset that has gained $500K. Haven’t made 360K in the stock market in the last 8 years.

  • Loretta

    I rented textbooks while in school, and my fiance and I are going to rent for two years until we pay off all his debts! My parents think we’re crazy, and keep pushing us to buy, but we are sticking to our guns, and will save, save, save and pay everything off, so by our second anniversary, we will be able to purchase our first home!

    • pdxmom

      If you aren’t going to be there forever or don’t know what your plans are renting is a great option. No shame in it at all. Buying is a whole lot of money. And hard to get rid of if you need to quickly.

  • Robin

    I’ve rented a house and an apartment. I love letting someone else pay for home repairs!

    • pdxmom

      Truly . Owning a home is not as easy as people think.

    • Feisty Feline

      Realizing your rent likely has a contingency built in for repairs, maintenance, property tax and other items. You are paying, just not directly.

  • Iryssa

    My local camera store has a great plan where you can rent gear, and if you decide you really do need to buy that rented item, you can apply the cost of the rental to buying that same item new from them.

    I would also add storage. If you’re not planning on being in your home long enough to make building a garage worthwhile, or if you’re thinking about getting a bigger apartment just to store stuff, check out the storage rental options around you. Depending on the rental market in your area it might be a lot cheaper to rent extra storage than to upgrade your apartment. We also rented a c-can shipping container with my SIL who moved in with us to store a bunch of extra stuff (hers and ours), and as a bonus we used that same c-can to move her out later…they pick it up, drop it on your driveway, you can take your time loading it, they move it when you’re ready and you can take your time unloading it at the destination. No driving around clunky U-haul trucks, no worrying about having said truck back to the dropoff place on time, AND they’re very secure. I’m never renting a truck again to move!

    • pdxmom

      Yes. When my now husband and I moved in together we knew we would eventually buy a house. And he had so much furniture that wouldn’t fit in my apt. So we paid for storage for a year or so. Short term not forever. I wouldn’t have it forever.

  • Tara Bartlett

    I’m 37 and have never owned a house. I’ve lived in the same apartment for around 14 years, it’s all inclusive, so my only extra payments are for cable, phone & internet which I’ve found a great price for, and I really only want to own a home when I’m married one day. I have no desire to be married to a home right now and all the extra expenses that come with it that I as a single person am not prepared for or desiring to deal with. My rent price is almost unbeatable for an apartment this size in my city, so it’s allowed me to have a nice space for myself, and for company, and to be able to save up an emergency fund, and take vacations. 🙂

  • Michelle

    I’m renting a violin since I’m starting out and don’t know what to look/listen for when buying one for myself. It’s great because ALL of my rental fee can go towards purchasing an outfit in the future. Renting also gives me the option to try the instrument before plunking hundreds of dollars for something that I might not like. Great video, Rachel!

  • vanessa

    I’ve been renting since college and up to now. In this way I was able to build my contingency fund (emergency fund), travel fund and I’ve been travelling twice a year. I just need a decent, clean minimal apartment to rest, sleep, shower since I’m always on the go for work or freelance jobs. I’m also renting long gowns for formal gathering. No need to spend lots of money for clothes as long as you feel comfortable, happy and beautiful. It’s a matter of discipline and managing what’s truly important and lessen the unecesaary expenses.

  • Janet Ackerman

    I would add renting a car to that list. I currently don’t own a car. I pay a total of $64/mo for a bus pass for my daily commute to work. That’s as much as I was paying just in Auto Insurance per month to own a car. When you add in gas & maintenance that amount doubles. If I need to get somewhere in a hurry I call Uber or Lyft. If I want to go on a long trip or vacation I save up to rent a car. Plus I get a lot more exercise walking. I’m in no hurry to buy a car.

    • Steven

      I really don’t have that option, but I agree it makes sense if you do.

  • Mark

    If it flies or floats, it’s cheaper to rent.

  • Amy Kennedy

    Along the same lines as the clothes, if you buy designer handbags, you can rent from