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7 Alternatives to Cable

Everybody’s cutting the cable cord these days.

It’s easier and more convenient than ever to save a ton of money by simply dumping cable. And, if you’re working on paying off debt or saving, your cable bill is a great place to start—because you’re probably overspending on it.

So what are some good alternatives to cable?

1. Hulu (Free to $8 per month)

With Hulu, you can use the free version to watch a limited number of TV episodes. But for $8 per month, you can access current shows as well as many previous seasons.

2. Netflix ($8 per month)

You probably know all about Netflix—it’s great for binge watching shows like House of Cards, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Fuller House. Plus, there are no commercials and you can find thousands of older shows and movies.

3. Online Network Channels (Free)

If you missed this week’s episode of New Girl, you can probably find it on Fox’s website. Most networks show recently aired shows for a short period of time.

4. Amazon Prime ($100 per year)

No shipping costs, plus thousands of TV shows and movies to choose from? I’m in! If you’re already an Amazon Prime customer, it’s just a no-brainer to use their streaming service.

5. Sling TV ($20 per month)

Sling TV’s Best of Live TV’s package includes 17 live channels, like HGTV, Disney, AMC and ESPN. This is a great option if you want to watch your favorite shows as they happen.

6. HBO NOW ($15 per month)

HBO runs a tight ship with their shows and movies, so if it’s exclusive to HBO, then HBO Now is probably the only place you’ll find it. You can get your Game of Thrones fix and catch up on old Sopranos episodes right here.

7. HDTV antenna ($25 plus)

Don’t forget about the old-school antenna. They’ve come a long way in the last decade. The HD quality is great, and if you plug it into a DVR box, you’ll get full DVR scheduling and recording on all the available channels.

If you decide to cut the cord, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from. Start with this list, do your research, and you could end up saving a lot of money every month!

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  • mauraes

    We live in an are where the reception is horrible, even with an antenna. I dropped our cable down to what I call “poor people cable”, it is really called limited basic. I don’t think that comcast advertises it, but you can get it if you ask for it. It allows us to get local channels only and it costs us 11.36 a month $7 for the service and 4.36 for two boxes. However I just read that if you have a roku box, you can now watch cable through that so I can return the boxes and cut $4.36 off my bill. I also get hulu once in a while by redeeming swagbucks for a free month of hulu. Thanks for the great article and Happy belated Bday Rachel!

  • roscojim

    Happy birthday to you, Rachel. My daughter turned 28 on the 14th, and we got to celebrate it on a cruise!! Thanks for the great tips!!

  • Danielle Woodruff

    We cut the cord over a year ago and it was the BEST thing we have did. We use an antenna and have Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Pandora and YouTube with our Chromecast. We are saving about $120 a month and we don’t want nearly as much junk TV as we used too.

  • Troy

    Playstation Vue is great too… $45 for 100+ channels streaming on an Amazon Fire TV. Way better than SlingTV. You get on demand for ABC, NBC, and Fox. You can grab CBS All Access app for $6 in then you’re all set. We get ESPN, AMC, HGTV, Disney, Nick, TBS, TNT, etc. It has a cloud based DVR. It’s awesome and we cut our bill by $116/mth. No one lost the channels and shows they like in our family of 7.

  • Stephanie Weirich

    We had a sling $25 package and hulu…we went with cable instead because it was cheaper since we already have internet that I’m required to have for work. Saves us $3/mo.

  • Krista

    We don’t have any cable, but get a lot of movies and shows from our library. It is free with an adult library card and they have everything from educational, to kid movies, to documentaries, to family movies. The only draw back is sometimes they are really scratched up and don’t play well. But, hey, it’s free!

  • What this article fails to mention is the fact you must have an internet service provider (preferably high speed) in order to access Hulu, Amazon Prime, Sling, et al — which is still a monthly cost. If you happen to reside in a very rural area, your choices of ISPs may be limited — in some cases, to only a dial-up service, which won’t work at all, due to the bandwidth compression needed for streaming video.