Debt-Free Living

7 Insanely Specific Ways to Pay Off Debt

Getting out of debt sounds exciting but it can be tough to find extra money to do it. So today, I will share some tips and tricks to help you tackle your debt quickly!

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  • Teresa Prather

    I love animals! I used to pet sit for extra money when i was single. It worked out super! Because I didn’t pay for cable TV, so I was able to watch all the television I wanted. And make money! That’s a win, win!! Married now, so that’s what I do when we go out of town is hire a house/pet sitter. Always someone we know. Like a family member, niece or nephew, who I know could use some extra money. Thanks for sharing the Pay Off ideas!

  • Pat Funderburke

    Where are the legit business that pay you for your review. There are some real bad bogus scams to avoid. So help with a little more detail please. 😊

  • Teri Fox

    I agree. I have done several of these. I pet sit and house sit, I am a secret shopper and I am an Uber and Lyft driver. Great ideas. Thx.

  • Ed Jenks

    Is there a better and faster way to pay off debt? The 7 suggestions given here are great, but I have found a better way for some individuals/families to pay off debt faster. I have found a way to pay off debit using the banks money and not really changing your live style. Ask me how ( or (209) 850-3897)).