Debt-Free Living

Don’t Let Food Eat Up Your Income

Did you buy ice cream that wasn’t on your list or go out to eat with coworkers more times than you should have? Food is one of the main areas people tend to overspend. To stay on track, you must have a written budget.

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  • Emma Head

    What is a good estimate for a food budget for a few ranges of incomes? I hear so many different things but just want to know is too much or too little.

  • Leigh Anne Knutson Bartlett

    Rachel, this was a great video, thanks! I appreciate you saying “practice contentment” and that sometimes it’s just a season to get to where we want to be. Needed to hear that in my life/situation this week. I know it’s so simple and as a Christian I feel silly even needing to be reminded! At any rate, it was good to to hear.

    Leigh Anne Bartlett