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How to Pay Off Student Loans Quickly

Here are a few tips to help you get the snowball rolling on your student loan payments.


  • Lisa

    I agree with the debt snowball entirely. However, my student loans are all on one statement and though one is subsidized, the other isn’t. Alas, I have vastly different interest rates. By July of this year, I will be able to throw all of my snowball toward that. How can I communicate to the company managing my student loans that I would like for them to be separated so that I can knock the lower one out first? All payments thus far have been equally distributed.

  • vicki

    Doyou have any tips for parents who are paying off college promissory notes for their children’s education ?

  • Emily

    Can you give tips if it’s already snowballed? I’m in so much debt from student loans that the plans they have me on don’t end till 2033! Please help