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Q&A with Rachel: I’m Tired of Debt

Question: I’m tired of being in debt, and I’m ready to do things the right way. What do you suggest I do?
Answer: If you’re ready to do things the right way, then you’re in a great spot. Eventually, people who live in debt get sick and tired of being sick and tired—and that’s when they finally decide to make a change. It sounds like that’s where you are now.

So here are 5 quick tips to help you make a fresh start:  

  1. Budget. Spend every dollar on paper, on purpose, before the month begins. Give every dollar a name. Basically, when you’re planning for the month ahead, you should be able to subtract your expenses (outgo) from your income to equal zero. When you’re done writing the budget, you shouldn’t have anything left over.
  2. Dump debt. This is where you need to get crazy. Make a debt snowball, listing your debts from smallest to largest, and attack that small debt with a vengeance. When you pay the smallest one off, move on to the next one and so on.
  3. Sacrifice something. If you’re struggling with money, it’s time to prioritize. Something’s got to go. Is it the eating out habit? The monthly purchase of a new $500 purse? The leased car? The house you can’t afford? You get the picture.
  4. Talk with someone. If you’re married, you need to get your spouse on board. Both of you should sit down and make a plan to take control of your money. This is a team effort. If you’re single, find a friend or accountability partner you can trust. This should be someone who will be honest with you and let you know when you’re making a mistake.
  5. Don’t forget to have fun. Yes, you can still have fun with money. Just budget for it! Make sure you set a side a little money each month to “blow.” Use it to go on a date, buy a new piece of clothing, or spend a night away. You need a mental breather every now and then, but don’t let it blow up your budget.

If you’re serious about making a fresh start with your money, these tips should help. Congratulations on making this awesome decision!


  • Sandy Saturno

    Congratulations on your website! I love hearing your advice eventhough I am 50 years old. It’s never too late!

  • Astrid Bidanec

    Great advice! I love your website. 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  • Penelope Witt

    Congrats! your going places!

  • Theresa R

    Love and soak in every bit of advice! We in our marriage and raising our children want to do it Gods way! We tried our own ways and have failed, over and over! We’re done and ready for living in generosity and blessing! Go us! Keep us in your prayers please, keep allowing God to use your hands and feet to glorify Him! We praise God for you! Thank you!

  • Heather :) :) :)

    This is really cool. The steps are really so simple, practical and easy to follow. I’ve started blogging about my journey of finally getting out of debt. Once I pay off my student loans from college, I’ll be 100% debt free 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Jessica Rhea

      Have you heard of It Works Global? Rachel came as a guest speaker at our conference last year. She can attest to the success of our company. If you’d like to get out of debt feel free to inbox me on my business page

  • Jared Beerbohm

    It truly is as simple as this. My wife and I have changed our priorities and our behavior. With the two of us working as a team we will be paying off 35k in 1yr 4months. Debt free oct 2014. And it’s all due to the Ramsey clan lighting the common sense fire in me. You guys are AWESOME!

    • Tray Lon

      It is now November. Have you reached success?

      • Jared Beerbohm

        Yes we did!! We actually tightened our belts budgeted harder and were able to get debt free in 11 months. It was by far one of the hardest things my wife and I have done, but soooo worth it. As of today we are now on step 6!!!!! The Momentum Theorem (focused intensity over time multiplied by God creates unstoppable momentum) It truly works!!!

        • Tray Lon

          Hey that’s great. At least you got your wife on your side. Mine abandoned me after I spent 3 years of my time and money helping her get out of debt and put money in her pocket. Then when it was mine turn needing help she was like “Oh well, I don’t need you anymore”. nnnIt did hurt bad but it’s okay though. Well, I don’t know you but I am proud of you because getting out of debt is truly an uphill battle. Hopefully next year before I am 25 I can say the same paying off $18,000. Good luck to you.

  • Antigone A Anderson

    Thank you!

  • Carla

    I understand the whole concept of budgeting, but what I don’t get is how can you budget if you are behind?

  • Adriana V Lopez

    I BOUGHT A NEW CAR before I was introduced to you and your dad AND I leased another one, waaaaaa. What do I do now? Background, we have all of our debt paid except these two cars and we have a healthy emergency fund.