Debt-Free Living

Proof That You Can Become Debt Free!

One of the most inspirational things at the Dave Ramsey offices is our debt-free wall, signed by hundreds of families who kicked debt to the curb. Watch this video and get inspired because you can be debt free too!

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  • Julie

    Here’s my question…if someone has enough money to pay off $110,000 in 19 months, how did they get so far into debt in the first place? I’ve been sacrificing for 15 months and after unexpected hospital bills, I am no closer than I was when I started.

    • Hi Julie!nnnI know it can be frustrating…. Sometimes when people pay off that much they have a great income, or they have something of value they can sell. This is exactly why Dave has the Baby Steps, so when you work hard and pay off a small item, you can feel that success and it will encourage you to keep going. nnYou might also want to really dissect how you got to where you are… for instance, you just got more hospital bills. Those were unexpected, but do you have insurance? Not having health insurance is opening you up to a serious risk of huge financial problems.nnAlso, if you’re creating a budget each month and there isn’t extra money to pay on debt, then you’re right… you’ll be right where you started every month (or worse because of interest). A lot of people who call into Dave’s show (and shout they were debt free) have picked up side jobs to earn extra income. nnnKeep it up… The debt free screams are designed to keep you motivated so that you know you can do it too! Good luck!

    • Celeste

      Hi Julie!nnWe’ve made progress and then hit the medical fun, too! we just paid off the truck…I was so excited. We were feeling momentum….Life was GREAT…then, my husband had to have lung surgery. Our emergency fund wasn’t big enough…but we paid what we could and we’ve been playing catch up on the bills and now…we’re almost back on track but still have over 2k in bills to pay and an emergency fund to rebuild.nnnone thing that helps us stay the path is the small achievements and the big. 3 years ago we still had 7k left on my truck. And thanks to our diligence, we paid it off a few months earlier than expected and it gave us additional money we wouldn’t have had.nnsometimes, the victories you made a while back have to be reminders of how far you’ve come…even tho it feels like you have a long way to go.

      • Julie

        Thank you Ben and Celeste! We do have health insurance, and we both have jobs, and I am very thankful for that! But even though we have an out of pocket maximum (thank God!), that’s $3000 I would have rather put towards debt. We have extra money each month that we do put towards the debt, but currently its only about $100, and with $13,000 to go it seems we’ll never get there. I also have a little side job that I work on from home in the evenings, but the hours I’m able to put in vary, and so does the income. You are both right though, every little bit counts and I need to look back at the little victories we’ve had to remind myself that we’ll get there… Thanks for the encouragement!!

        • Darcy

          Julie -nI am currently working on getting debt free and I know it can be mentally, physically and even emotionally exhausting at times because all you can see is how much you STILL owe and when its a big number its super frustrating. I have my student loans to pay off and am almost done paying off my CC debt (PHEW). nOne thing I did to keep me motivated, is I printed out these little thermometers that places like fundraisers do to meet their goals. I put the STARTING debt at the bottom, and did percentages by 10’s all the way to the top, so when I reach my goal, it will be obviously $0. nI color in wherever I’m at and have it hanging on my bedroom door, and it is SO great because I can visually see how much I have progressed. I still have an heart sinking amount that I owe ($36,000), but I love seeing how much I have paid off all ready. nDoing things like that really help! Best of luck to you on your debt free journey, you can do it, and you will do it!

    • Marianne

      When we listened to Dave’s insurance advice, we realized that we had been putting money into a universal life policy for more than 20 years. Dave recommends term policies, so we cashed that in and bought term life insurance. The universal life policy didn’t have an impressive amount in it, considering that we had been putting money into it for more than 20 years, but it was enough to get us past Baby Steps 2 and 3. Without Dave’s advice, we would never have considered cashing in the policy, but we are keenly aware that we were also just plain lucky.

    • Jerome Barry

      Actually, it can be easy. Since most of the Ramsey screamers who pay off 6 figures have a house as the largest component of it, it could be a house. It could also be college debt for the rare person who ran up a bill before getting a good job right out of college and rapid promotions and pay escalation. With trucks and cars costing so much now, it could also be a couple of those. It will rarely be the person who maxed out several credit cards and then decided to go Ramsey. In your case, the hospital bill sucks and dings your credit but they won’t revoke your health, so don’t pay it. If your honor it too strong to take that step, then at least calculate how much progress you’ve made eliminating debt by subtracting the hospital debt from your total. The hospital wants your money, but Obama’s got their back.

  • So crazy fun! When we signed the wall in 2012 there were barely any signatures. 🙂

  • April

    It’s a hard thing to embrace, having to put your life, happiness, & fun on hold for a greater purpose. It was comforting to see those with much more debt than we have, managed to pay it off. Sometimes it gets overwhelming, and discouraging with one income. Thank you for the boost.

  • Kiki

    I see the wall and want to get there but the cost for 1 hour of coaching is outrageous….Do you have a recommendation for affordable budget coaching service?

    • Ryan Howald

      I love helping people with budgets for free! My fiancu00e9 and I will be on baby step 6 by Jan 1 but we are waiting to pay off our mortgage before doing our debt free scream. Let me know if you want some help!

      • Julie Erickson

        I would like help! Please! Thank you!

        • Darcy

          I love the youtube channel debtisdum ( Its a couple that is now debt free (aside from their house) they have weekly dinner plans, and have question and answer videos for people going through this journey. Check them out, they’re pretty awesome 🙂 I commented three times and they’ve answered my questions that week.

      • Peter J Metzger

        Hi there. I read your post I need help really bad. If u would be able to assist me I would appreciate that so much. My name is Peter Metzger and my email us thanks

      • kiki

        Hello Ryan,nI will for your help. I know I can do it this but I need a coach.. I can be reached at

    • Donna J Cabral Hobson

      Check out Money Matters at your local library. Cost $0 🙂 We are on our way to being debt free. We only have our house to pay off. We bought it brand new last July and have almost 60% paid in full!! Dave Ramsey Rocks!!! 🙂

    • Wanderer_Here

      You can always take Financial Peace University ($100 – SO WORTH IT!!!) and read their blog and every page on their website, which are free!!!! I’m not sure I agree that their coaching fee is outrageous, after all we have to pay for surgeries (which cost quite a lot) and car repairs (which cost quite a lot) and we pay the value of those services… You can do it!

    • kiki

      Thank you everyone for your support. I’m newly divorced and have taken FPU before but sometimes you need another human being to help you make it thru this process. I appreciate all the replies..nkiki

  • Erin

    Just missed us! Our name was right next to Greg and Stephanie’s!! 🙂 Fun to see it on the wall again! Thanks Dave & Rachel for your awesome message!!! Since we have become debt free our adoption savings is now almost complete! Following God’s principles with money is opening the doors to endless opportunities that we counldn’t even dream of before. Keep up the good work!!! – Cody & Erin Haney

  • Becky

    I have created quite a mess. I have about $280.000 in debt. Only $127,000 is my house. I am not sure how this happened. I have a good job. I don’t buy extravagant things or go on any vacations. I kept taking out more loans/credit cards to pay off other cards and to just get by. Now I have run out of credit. My minimum payments are higher than my income by quite a lot. I worked a 2nd job for a year and 1/2 but being gone so much was hurting my kids. My husband said he’d make up for that job but he hasn’t come through. I have nothing of value to sell. My interest rate on my home is already low. we wouldn’t be able to sell it without putting money into it. I owe twice as much on my car as it’s worth. I can’t really make a budget let alone start an emergency fund or debt snowball when there is not enough money to go around. I have no idea what to do. Help!

    • Wanderer_Here

      Hi Becky! nnWe are also in a mess, but we are climbing out of it and I’ll tell you how! First, know that YOU CAN DO IT! nnYou have to change your thinking from “I can’t really make a budget… when there is not enough money to go around” to “I MUST make a budget to start taking control of this mess- even if it doesn’t seem like we’re going to make it this month.” Making a budget doesn’t mean starting on knocking out debt right away, it means having a written plan where you start to be in control again. If you can’t make your bills, start with the four walls: Food, clothing, shelter/utilities and transportation. No one else gets paid. Mastercard can’t kick you out of your house, but being late on a rent/mortgage payment can. I doubt you’ll need to buy new clothes this month (unless you’re in unique circumstances, you and your family is probably properly clothed currently.) Once you can pay your four walls, prioritize the rest of your bills by first seeing exactly how much you can cut out. Live on rice and beans, beans and rice. It’s boring doing nothing and always saying no – but it’s better to be in control of your life. And, maybe some debts won’t get paid this month – make sure they aren’t on autodraft from your bank so that they don’t cause you to overdraft. If you’ve cut back to the bare minimums, whether or not you can now make all of your bills, it’s time to bring your income up. Ask for more hours or a raise… and the most telling part was “My husband said he’d make up for that job but he hasn’t come through.” I obviously don’t know anything more than what you’ve just said, but sounds as though you guys are not on the same page. Have your budget committee meeting TODAY, and decide together that something has to change, from both of you. You can get your income up. Talk together, get your four walls in order, make a bare bones budget and committ to stick with it, don’t be afraid if you can’t pay Visa this month, they’ll live, get your income up to where you can pay minimums on everything, THEN you start the baby steps by putting anything extra to a $1000 emergency fund. And remember – NO MORE BORROWING ON ANYTHING!!!! You can do it!!!

      • Jerome Barry

        YES! You can do it. Just about every one of us has been scraping the bottom of the barrel and I was extraordinarily lucky that I was both penniless and credit-less for only 1 week at the very beginning of my marriage and career as I skipped a week of pay in switching jobs. I bounced along the bottom of the barrel for several years but I eventually got my income higher than my four walls.

    • Plate

      Boo-hoo, Becky.

      • Kate Rousseau


  • Virginia K Ulrich

    Dave Ramsey, do you have anything to help “seniors”. There are some of us who have been without a job for a while, did not get to work as long as we’d anticipate, but have debt that still needs to be settled. It feels difficult to achieve much when you’re on a fixed income of $1300 a month. Thanks!

    • Barbra

      I am, Virginia. I had planned to retire at 72 but 6 years before that debt, a medical crisis occurred. Being a single senior with no job and a small pension is tough. Thanks.

      • Virginia K Ulrich

        It’s encouraging to know someone else understands my situation. Like you, nI am also a single senior. I only have S.S. to depend on and most of that is taken for insurance premiums. I planned to work until I was 70 but found myself jobless several years ago. I can’t find any work, not even a job walking a dog. How on earth do we ever climb out of this hole!?

  • Robyn Maloney Duncan

    Hi everyone! My husband and I have paid off some of his past debt over the last year…. $7400 to his ex-wife. We’re still not out of the woods yet but I never would have thought it was possible! Plus we just paid off his truck which she promptly put a lien on for the balance of what we owe her regardless of the fact we are on time with our monthly payments to her (she is mad about the fact we refuse to just give his kids money to buy them a car since we actually believe kids should earn the money for their own stuff, so she is determined to get money out of us somehow!). Kids are too entitled! I still am amazed at how much debt we have paid off in the last year! We made about $40,000 together last year, still, we paid off more than $6000 in the past year on his truck as well as what we paid his ex.

  • Bonnie Smith

    Hi everyone:) my family is on baby step#2. Recent layoff @ my job have go me to think I should be doing something different. I’m going to grad school and paying off my varied student loan which should be done feb 2015. Any suggestions would be welcomed

  • Susan Dixon

    I would like to know if any of these people had minimum wage jobs or is this a place where middle incomes only work

    • Heather

      My hubby and I made 18K last year and this year are on track to make 35-40K because we are working 60-70 hours a week at those same jobs. I work at McDonalds and my hubby works at his college. We are KICKING DEBT BUTT, not to mention with the budget we always have food on the table and gas in the cars (that alone is a victory). We are 120K in debt with 100K student loans, a 10Kcar, 4K credit card and MISC. other things. We are on the right track for the first time in our life and it feels liberating! We are doing about 10K a year right now on debts but after college if we can maintain our current lifestyle… we can put ALL that extra income on debt! It is slow going… but sure better than making the problem worse by NOT doing the debt snowball!

    • Jerome Barry

      It’s all over the spectrum. A few days ago a guy called Dave and wanted budget help with inheriting half a billion dollars.

  • Kassie

    How do you get your spouse on board with a financial plan? My husband has no interest in saving money or getting a job. I can’t pay for the regular household bills by myself, let alone pay off debt so his dad gives us money every month which really upsets me. Neither of us have college degrees so it’s minimum wage for us. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by our situation because he doesn’t feel the pressure like I do. I just don’t know what to do…

    • L Miles

      I would divorce him. It doesn’t sound like he wants to be a responsible adult or head of a household. I’m sure you can do better. You’d be better off on your own.

    • Darcy

      Kassie -I would suggest couples counseling of some sort. Give him the ultimatum that he needs to understand you’re serious and things HAVE to change. You’re married…his father should not be supporting you or him..and him allowing that is just terrible. n nSometimes people may just feel hopeless but it is disguised as not caring or lazy, so I would suggest REALLY talking to him and explaining how bad the situation currently is, and how GOOD it can get if you work as a team to tackle the debt. If you can save up and buy the FPU class from Dave Ramsey, definitely do it, it will do wonders for your marriage. nIts a one time purchase, so If you buy it this month, and in a few months or years you need to go again for a refresher, you certainly can do so. nnGood luck with everything. Just make sure you make him understand the situation, either he gets on board, or he needs to get off the ship, because you’re going to sail to financial freedom whether he likes it or not.

    • Wanderer_Here

      Hi Kassie,nnnWow, what a tough situation! I wouldn’t divorce him – for better or for worse, right?- but this is a marriage problem, showing the symptoms of a money problem. Communication is key. Talk to him and talk to your father-in-law. Be honest, and know that there will be some pushback. But ultimately, you are communicating to him that you are excited to receive what only he can provide – hope and security for your family, which starts at its foundation, with just the two of you, no other banker-parents. Talk to a couples counselor or a pastor, or read the book Fireproof. It will get better! Talk talk talk and pray.

    • Jerome Barry

      I agree with L Miles. A Christian understands that your husband, in not taking care of his family, is worse than an unbeliever. And that’s in context of your husband being a Christian. If he isn’t, he’s just worthless. Dump him. My sister had a husband like yours. She waited until he was a physical danger to her baby before she left him. She found a better husband, started a business and got rich. That never could have happened if she’d suffered with the bum for the rest of her life. Oh, and the bum was still living with his dad when the bum was 60.

    • Rhonda

      Why is he so unmotivated? I’d seek counseling and possibly a forensic psychologist/psychiatrist to get a full workup on him. After you know he’s simply choosing not to be the head of household it might be time to consider divorce. That’s a very tough place to be (I know, having been there) and I do feel for you.

  • Juls

    How can I keep motivated to tackle my 135000 mortgage?n

    • Heather

      Make some kind of a tracker that is visual. Like draw a big picture of your house and cut it down into squares and each payment color one in. Create “rewards” in random squares that you “get” when you accomplish it 😀

    • Wanderer_Here

      Heather had a great idea, but you can also make motivation “automatic” – if you sign up for autmoatic bill paying, do 13 payments a year, or 26 bi-weekly payments. It adds up to more than just the monthly mortgage payments, and the extra will help. Or just use an online calculator to see how much you will save by paying it off early – that can be an awesome vacation!!!!

    • Jerome Barry

      My mortgage lender has a website and on that website it lets borrowers allocate an additional payment to principle. Yours probably does too. My mortgage is automagically deducted each month from my checking so it’s never late. After my snowball wipes out everything else, I’ll put the snowball on the lenders web page and I never have to write another check to the lender.

  • Sam Crank

    I’ve gotta give thanks to Dave Ramsey and his book Total Money Makeover. I read it years ago but had a hard time keeping on track. I’ve struggled with credit card debt and loans for the last 13 years. I’d make progress then end up back where I started. I got married 2 years ago and something in me clicked… I didn’t want my wife to have to deal with my debt if something ever happens to me. Her added income helped as well as extra OT being offered at my job. It is sure exciting to see that debt snowballing away. In the last 2 years we refinanced the house. Decreased the interest rate from 6.5% to 2.8% as well as cutting 5 years off the length of the loan from 20 years to 15. We paid off her student loans, my truck & 4 credit cards. By the end of the year we will have ALL credit cards paid off, then all we will have to pay is our mortgage, a 0% interest loan for about $2000 and a car loan. nnThe future is so bright I’ve gotta wear shades!!! Thank you Mr Ramsey!!!!

  • Suggachelle

    The video shows couples becoming debt free. What about if you are single and trying to become debt free? That impresses me; two incomes are always easier than one! Show me DF individuals.

    • Darcy

      I agree that having two incomes helps dwindle down debt, but you also have two people to control and more money being needed for two people.nBut heres a few single-ettes getting debt free :)nn out his youtube channel, there’s a lot of great videos

    • Christy Newell Assenmacher

      I am a widow with two teens, one disabled.I’m doing it! I’m debt free in one month then I start my 6 month emergency fund.After that, I cram money into mutual funds and build wealth!!!!!!!!! Get Dave’s book The Total Money Makeover it tells you how to do it.Do EXACTLY what it says and don’t skip a step anywhere.And don’t allow yourself to get discouraged! The reward feels toooooo good.If you do it you will thank todays YOU for doing it. For me, it was a fun adventure.I made a game out of it.You CANNNNN do it. The question is WILL YOU????Now go kick some AZZZZ.

  • Bill Romance

    That wall it fantastic …. one of the things Dave said that helped me get started …I am positive that personal finance is 80 percent behavior and only 20 percent head knowledge …. getting the audiobook of The Total Money Makeover helped change my behavior big time … I’m not there yet, but I wouldn’t have gotten this far without that audiobook …. blast those bad personal finance habits to smitherines.

  • kathryn

    discipline! medical bills-took working seven days a week for eleven years & selling my gold jewelry & cashing in my life insurance policy to pay them off (& FPU)!

  • Diane

    Several years ago I built a custom home on 5 acres for a resell. It was finished as the market crashed so i was unable to sell it. I lost it last year to foreclosure. This year I had to pay $10k extra in taxes because of it, plus I still have some other debt. I will have this paid off by by the end of this year. I feel defeated at times since much of our money is going to a something that I no longer own. I plan on retiring on 10 years and there is no way to pay off our primary home loan before then. I do hope to have 2 rentals paid off by that time, so will have an extra $2000 a month less expenses. I really don’t know what else i can do to get our situation better.

  • myersbr2

    Our name is on that wall. In fact, you can see our names prominently throughout the video. We’re so glad we got to visit Financial Peace Plaza and celebrate our freedom from debt.

  • Carla

    Hello there…I’ve been wanting to talk to someone about this for a long time…I am a single mom of 2 teenage boys. I have a pretty good job, live in a rental house, and thankfully the boys’ father is very good about paying CS on time. It has not been easy to say the least, and currently I am drowning…I stopped using credit cards before I divorced over 4 years ago, then out of desperation, started using them again just to get by. My debt is not huge, but I am robbing Peter to pay Paul on a regular basis, incur NSF charges weekly, and have recently began using a CCC service to consolidate my debt and am making monthly payments to them. I’m in debt for approximately $9500. I pay the IRS and State taxes monthly due to I owe on taxes each year since I’ve had to withdraw money from my 401K for the last 3 years. I drained that 401K, have sold every piece of jewelry I have, have had yard sales, and have listed/sold items on Ebay and Craig’s List. I have applied for 2nd jobs and have not been hired yet, but I’m still applying. I am in a constant state of fear and shame. I’m 48 years old and still need financial help. I don’t live an extravagant lifestyle at all. I’m very low maintenance. I get my hair cut 1-2 time a year and wear the same clothes I’ve worn for years although I’ve recently lost 35 lbs (and counting) so may need new clothes eventually. That is the one thing I’m proud of other than my boys who are the loves of my life! My car is paid off and is a modest vehicle, Jeep Liberty. I’ve turned off the cable service but do have internet for work and homework. My oldest son is on the path to playing college football, and if this is God’s plan, he will in the fall of 2015. So we have him in various football camps this summer which is also very expensive. I’ve stopped my younger son’s music lessons due to expense. I have a lot to be grateful for, and am very thankful for the blessings I do have. I take all the responsibility for my situation but just don’t know how to help myself. I write bad checks every week for groceries and thankfully my bank allows for a certain amount in overdraft before denying the check. This is all very shameful to me. I just want to get control of this before something bad happens due to living on the edge and tempting fate. I love Dave Ramsey and have his Financial Peace CD’s and books. I’ve written a budget but have not moved past that part. I feel like I should look for another/cheaper place to live although I have wonderful landlords and live in a safe neighborhood now (4 years). I make $50K/year and my rent is $1100/mo. 3BR/2BA very modest home. My goal is to be debt-free, have an emergency fund, own a house, and be able to manage my money so I’m not in this position ever again. I did start a new 401K recently with my new job of 1 1/2 years, but have nothing in savings. Please help!

  • Eric

    I got my self in about 20,000 dollars of debt when I was doing a bachelors. I am now finishing up grad school and did not occur anymore debt. The problem is since i was in grad school and the job I had at the time was not paying me enough to pay debt and support myself; I had to let my debt roll into collections and know I would like to know the best way to handle that situation.

  • Jerome Barry

    Three things happened to get me serious about getting all the way out of debt. 11.5 months ago, it was unemployment. A severance of 40 weeks pay dropped an emergency fund into my bank account. A new job after 4 weeks gives me a chance to never be unprepared again. At the employer, a 50hr work week is required, of which 10 are paid overtime. As we are a contractor for a vicious customer, a 70hr work week is available. I write near midnight before Saturday with 60hrs in the bank this week, and will go in for 10 more tomorrow. I have paid off the 2nd mortgage as of 6 weeks ago, which was $19+K. Using the tax refund, I paid off one 1yr 0-interest loan and most of an 18 mo 0-interest loan. This weekend I pay off the remainder of that 18 mo 0-interest loan. I recently bought a hideously expensive but awesomely capable computer and will have the 90-day 0-interest loan paid off on time before the end of July. Then I’ll have 3 more debts and will snowball them with all the payments I’m not making now. One, a loan to Sylvan tuition, is not stupid debt, but I’ll get rid of it in 6 months. Two, a loan on a Ford Fiesta, is not an extravagant car, and I’ll pay it off in another 6 months. Three is the house, against which I presently owe $84K, and I’ll be able to pay it off in a little more than 2 years. Thanks for the inspiration Dave and all you of his screaming fans.

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