Debt-Free Living

Some Encouragement For You!

I know the journey is hard so just wanted to cheer you on along the way!

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  • Marie


  • Angie

    100% needed the reminder. 18 months in, $52K gone and much more to go.

  • Thanks Rachel! My husband always says that to me …”we are doing better than most people”.

  • Florentina

    We just started FPU and it seems like eternity from paycheck to paycheck because I just want to see movement in our numbers. Thank you for reminding me to look OUT towards the future instead of using a microscope to analyze the now.

  • Celeste

    Great post! it’s so true..We started this Journey almost 3 years ago. We’ve paid off some debt…had an emergency…didn’t even have time to get our emergency fund back together…had another emergency….but luckily had paid off some debt the made us more able to deal with the emergency at hand. nnThe greatest thing is we’re learning to do this together…and it’s easier to do this together as a team and its easier to know there are people out there doing the same thing.nnSometimes the things that are the hardest to do are the most worthwhile is what I keep telling myself.