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3 Reasons to Avoid Extended Warranties

I think extended warranties are a waste of money. Here’s why!


  • k80k8

    My in laws get warranties on everything. What happens when the stuff breaks? Nothing. There’s always a loop hole in the fine print and nothing is actually covered. Or, if it is covered, they have to pay to ship it somewhere at an ungodly expense and it winds up being cheaper to just replace whatever it is that broke.

  • Wayne Pearsall

    When you buy something new, the UCC says that there is an implied warranty of fitness for normal use which means anything new you purchase has to work for a reasonable time in a reasonable manner

  • Nathan Moyet

    My college statistics prof was explaining standard deviations and said they are use to set up the extended warranty durations. So he said never buy the extended warranty because you have about a 0.3% of that product breaking. Also if the store doesn’t offer an extended warranty don’t buy that product. They statistics say it will break.