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3 Reasons You Should Vote

It’s important to stay engaged in what’s going on in our country!


  • Kathy Sparrow

    I am with you Rachel. I also have a passion for politics and getting good Christian elected to office.

  • I love and hate political seasons. I get excited for a change, but then both sides of an argument turns UGLY.

  • Lisa Roberts

    We have federal elections on Monday. This is probably the main st important election for us. Please pray.

  • Stacia

    Thanks Rachel! I have raised my son to vote in every election because we have the right to express our beliefs. However, for those who do not vote, please keep your thoughts to yourselves 🙂

    • Commenter

      sorry, you don’t get to suppress expression because you disagree.

  • Commenter

    Great to vote if you’re engaged and informed. But if you’re voting largely on ‘likes’ such as nice face, slick ads, etc. I wouldn’t be first in line to encourage you to vote. How about 3 reasons you shouldn’t vote? An uninformed voter makes poor choices, which by luck might turn out to be good or bad.