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4 People Who Have Influenced My Life

We all need someone in our lives who we can look up to, whether that’s a parent, a friend or even a famous person we respect. We need their encouragement during the hard times and a nice pat on the back from them during the good times.

I’ve had four major influencers who have played a huge role in getting me where I am today, and I’m so thankful for their presence in my life.

Michael and Cindy Easley:

My husband, Winston, and I have been part of a group of young couples led by the Easleys for more than a year now. We meet every Sunday night, and we’ve been blessed to build a strong relationship with the Easleys during that time.

I’ve always been told to make sure I have people in my life who are older and wiser—and they have filled that role for Winston and me. We talk with them about marriage, raising kids, theology, careers and even cooking!

I can’t begin to say how thankful we are for the wisdom they have shared with us. I’ll be forever grateful for their influence!

Candace Cameron Bure:

You might know her as D.J. Tanner from Full House, but she’s so much more than that. After I read her book Balancing It All, I realized how much we have in common, including our view on life.

Of course, I love the many things she’s known for, like Full House and Dancing With The Stars. But I’m more impressed with how she handles herself in the public eye. She never wavers on her beliefs, even when she doesn’t have the popular opinion.

Plus, the way she treats her husband and kids, as well as how she manages her career and stays healthy and fit, is so inspiring. I haven’t met her yet, but it’s on my bucket list!

Dave Ramsey:

I can’t imagine writing a list of people who influenced me without including Dave, but it may not be for the reasons you suspect.

Yes, he’s my dad. And, yes, he’s the “money guy,” and I’ve learned so much about money from him. He’s had a huge impact on my career and my passion for doing what I do. But his influence has been much more than that.

He’s influenced how I see the value of family and how I want to raise my kids one day. He’s taught me why always telling the truth is important—and how rare that is these days. And he’s such a strong example of how not to let success ruin you.

Thanks to him, I’ve learned how to follow the Lord in good and bad times, and he’s shown me how to treat people well. My dad is an amazing man.

So that’s just a little about the people who have influenced me.

I hope you also have influencers and mentors in your life. If you had to pick three or four people, who would they be?



  • Great post. You can find out a lot about people from their influences. I can only hope that as adults my children will speak of me as a positive influence in their lives live you have spoken of your dad.

  • Dan Miller, would be #1. He has changed my whole world view. Joyce Meyer would be #2. She has taught me how to love people better and have a good attitude doing it. #3 would be Andy Andrews. He is what I aspire to in so many ways. What a great example of someone who is doing what they were created to do.

  • Rachelle’Andy Poat

    1.My dad and pastor who has always practiced what he’s preached and taught me love for Christ, 2.My mom/best friend who inspired me to become a hairstylist, and husband who has taught me the value of patience in our 9 years of marriage, and 4.My kids, unconditional love.

  • Laura Navarro Thompson

    1. My dad, he worked hard and furthered his education when we were young in order to afford piano lessons and dance class for my sister and I. He made us work hard, he taught us things most girls don’t learn , how to use power tools, change a tire and a timing belt. He always told me how I made him proud and how lucky he was to have an incredible wife and life. He was very positive and never complained. We lost him to Alzheimers last August and I know not having his memory was so difficult for this proud man. n2. My husband, the most giving and generous person I know. , he always gives to various charities and when i tell him about friends or family that are going through difficult times, he always gives them a generous check. He would rather give to someone we know can use the help, rather than a charity . n3. My daughters, they have been my reason for moving through difficult times (divorce and breast cancer) They aren’t afraid to tell me their feelings and I’m so proud of the mothers they have become.

  • Nasya

    – My pastors who are also personal friends and mentors!n- Brene Brown. Her writing and talk on vulnerability are life changing!n- My boss. She’s a woman – of- many – hats on my life. I admire her for so many reasons!

  • Thanks Rachel, this is an incredible post! Short and sweet. nThese people have had a tremendous impact on my life: nnu2022 My parents. They’ve been incredibly strong and optimistic even through overwhelming adverse situations. They both have childlike faith. (I’m gonna sneak my three siblings in here too, they’re awesome!)nnu2022 My friend and mentor Rob Bremmerman. He taught me to pray like I mean it when I was just 14. That’s been a true blessing to me. nnu2022 Alex DiMatteo, my friend and pastor, from El Paso. He taught us to pray like we mean it and live like we believe it. Oh! what an impact he has had on my life!nnu2022 Dave Ramsey. Since 2008 he’s been teaching me to DO the right stuff, don’t just “know” it. For life in general – not just in finances.

  • Bonny

    Yes I love Candace, too!