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5 Things I’ve Learned in 5 Years of Marriage

My husband and I celebrated five years of marriage last month! And guess what? I learned a thing or two about marriage during that time. Here are five of the many lessons I’ve learned about being married.

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  • Kenneth Guerrero

    Live and let live and laugh as much as possible together.

  • Brittany Waller

    Definitely the friendship point. Even when children enter the picture, continue to cultivate a friendship. And always assume the best.

  • Claire age 23

    You are an incredible role model, Rachel! You are the sweetest and silliest…thank you for sharing your life with us young women!

  • Adam Tracy Calvin Grove

    Living to make the other one smile. Every minute. It wont steer you wrong!

  • Melody Rose Esquivel

    My husband is also the more organized one! Thanks for sharing.

  • Carol F.

    When your child arrives, remember this .. anything you say to each other between midnight and 6am doesn’t count. Just forget it and move it. It may sound funny now, but just wait. It will make sense at some point.

    • William Cosentino

      Carol, that is an epic statement! 🙂 I know EXACTLY what you’re referring to!

  • William Cosentino

    Happy belated anniversary! I think the men being messy statement is a myth. And just like you, our bathroom counter looks the same! 🙂 nnnWe’re going on 13 yrs in July. There’s SO much to know…but the one thing I’d advise anyone is to read the book “The 5 Love Languages”. Had we read that prior to marriage, things could have been better but now that we have read it, what a difference! And….read your dads book Total Money Makeover because managing money as a couple is huge! I’m serious on that one(like you wouldn’t know) ..that book changed our life 8 yrs ago. nnnLove your vlogs Rachel, very informational and inspiring.

  • Jennifer

    Well, 18 years of marriage, 4 children….. it goes by SO quickly! Love, pray, sing and read scripture daily as a family unit. With God as your family’s foundation and strength, He can build great things through you! <3 Blessings Rachel.

  • Natalie

    dont forget to keep having fun! All through the daily stresses of life, it’s easy to be ho-hum about how big your to-do list is, what your boss did, or working to pay off your mortgage, but don’t forget to make those moments fun! It’s hard work but try every day to stay positive, be goofy, tell jokes, and never stop being best friends!

  • Melanie J.

    Oh my goodness. You are too precious. This is so adorable and so true <3

  • Zack and I focus on quality time together by going on one date a week, even if it’s free! Going on a walk, etc. Just a chance to be together and look at each other, not at our phones!

  • iMeMa6

    Remember to continue to date each other… will be harder as your children come…..but that’s why God invented Grand-parents…..share that child with them and go out with your husband.

  • April

    I’ve been married 15 years and I love everything you said!!! You’re very wise at the 5 year mark to get a grasp on those things. Very cool! We actually messed up and were expecting a baby before we got married and ran to the courthouse because of that… Well…. God is good and gracious. I’d say go out on dates and don’t forget to keep getting to know your spouse…. no money to spend? Go for a walk … my husband and I used to go for walks around a favorite neighborhood downtown with our dream homes in it and we would dream out loud, it was so fun. Humor is essential.

  • Wende

    My husband and I have been married almost 15 years (in June of 2015) and realizing that your relationship is unique– we realized about 2-3 years in that we work better at a task together if we refrain from talking out loud as little as possible. From putting up a tent, cleaning the kitchen, or shoveling the driveway– we just get it done. Communication is key but ours is done before or after and we are in agreement about it. Many other couples might have a hard time with this, but that is what makes us- us.