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7 Areas to Focus Your New Year’s Goals

’Tis the season for . . . goal setting!

You might know them better as New Year’s resolutions. But whatever what you choose to call them, this is simply a time when you reassess the past year and set goals for the coming year.

Most people tend to focus their goals in just one or two areas, like losing weight (physical) or getting out of debt (financial). But there are actually seven areas in which you can, and should, set goals and resolutions.

Let’s walk through them.

  • Intellectual: Goals in this area might include reading more books or going back to school to get an MBA.
  • Physical: This one’s pretty obvious. You may be wanting to lose weight, go on a diet, spend more time at the gym, etc.
  • Spiritual: This may mean spending more time in the Bible or getting more plugged in at church.
  • Family: Maybe you want to start going on a monthly date night or taking the kids out once a week.
  • Social: Goals in the social category might include putting yourself out there a little more—saying yes to more party invites, or maybe occasionally saying no!
  • Career: Is it time for a career change? Or maybe it’s time to start your career. You might also want to set a goal to finally get that promotion or a well-deserved raise.
  • Financially: If you visit my site regularly, you already knew this one would be on the list. This is all about getting out debt, making a habit of budgeting, and setting money goals for your future.

Here’s the truth about these seven areas. You won’t naturally feel like setting goals in all of them. Some will be easy. Others will be hard.

I don’t have any problem with setting family, social and career goals. But intellectual goals? That’s a different story.

For years, my dad has been saying “leaders are readers” and “the average millionaire reads one nonfiction book per month.” And I try my best to read business and leadership books, but I also love The Hunger Games!

Keep all of this in mind as you make your goals. Pay attention to these seven areas, and remember that it won’t always be easy! But if you make it a priority, you can accomplish what you aim for in the next year.


  • I like what was mentioned and pertaining to the goals. Yes you are right some will be easy while others are much difficult. Striving to accomplish and complete each one is a goal achieved.

  • Elizabeth

    You can always “read” while traveling (in the car or plane) or while exercising by using audio books , podcasts and CDs. I get a lot through library borrowing and podcasts.

  • Dawn Alpy

    Very helpful. Been struggling most of my day on how to organize may thoughts that I have down on paper. This brings simply structure to move forward on actions to accomplish the goal. Thank you.

  • Cynthia campbell

    My husband recently retired. We moved our CD’s to a higher paying program with Prudential, hoping that was a good move. We have several credit card debts, we own our home, paid off, have 1 car loan. We are in our 60’s and just don’t what to do, would love some advice

  • Ryan armstrong

    Took the class. Did the monthly budget for a long time then we stopped and now expecting a baby in a few days! Need some motivation to get that monthly budget done every month!

  • I find it easy to make career, intellectual and physical goals, but so hard to make social and family goals. I’m going to focus on these today! 🙂

  • Maddy

    I think it is going to be easy to make family, social, career, and spiritual goals but the physical, intellectual, and financial goals are going to be the hard ones!!

  • Lynn S

    We are 67 & 68, and everything has been paid off since 2009 thanks to Dave Ramsey’s advice. We probably don’t have enough saved for a worry-free retirement, but we save up and pay CASH for everything now (including cars)–that is the only way to go. We budget and try our best to make sure we are buying needs, not just wants. We NEVER buy stuff at regular price and look for the best deals on the highest rated items before we pay CASH for anything. Both of us are still working part-time jobs as long as we can in addition to retirement income. Hope this helps.

  • The biggest goal our family has set is to save $10,000 by the end of 2016. That’s more than 20% of hubby bring home pay. We just made the last payment to our van only owe on our mortgage and medical bills we have yet to receive. We also plan to pay cash for two wood floors and a mini vacation.

    This year we sat down as a family and discussed our wants, needs and goals then created an in depth budget to make it work. We made the choice to share the journey on our blog and use it as a tool to help us stay accountable and maybe encourage others.

    Thank you for all the encouragement you have provide us. From below poverty to planning our future. Thank you and bless you.