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Valentine’s Date Dishes

Skip the restaurant frenzy on Valentine’s Day! Learn how to make my favorite Italian dinner on a budget!


  • Love these recipe videos. Would it be possible to put the actual recipes into the body of the blog post, or link to them somehow?

  • Jenn

    Will you share a written recipe of these?

  • Helen Sefton

    Hi Rachel,
    Have you got these recipes written down anywhere as I’m in England and will have to look for similar ingredients for the pudding. Also was the spinach raw? Plus it will be good to know the ingredients.
    Thank you, Helen.

  • Oh, I know that recipe well! I love THM’s Lazy Lasagna! It’s genius!

  • Stephanie

    Love Trim Healthy Mama’s “Easy Lasagna”!

  • Jessica

    I would like the recipe also!

  • Vanessa

    I love this video! I can see myself doing this for my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day! How much was the actual grocery bill for this budget friendly Italian dinner and dessert? Would I really save money? Some restaurants like Chilis, are offering a special Valentine’s Day Dinner for 2 and it only cost $35. What’s my best dinner option?

  • delicatefade

    Yum! Unfortunately it’s all a big no for me this year. Dairy, egg, and gluten free. Le sigh.

  • Christopher Nighland

    Have an ingredients list handy? If not I’ll end up buying the same 3 things I always buy at the store.

  • Megan

    This is awesome!! We will definitely be making this!

  • ThinkTime