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Come See Me!

Here’s where you can find me on my upcoming book tour for Smart Money Smart Kids. Come and say hello, and I’ll sign your book! I’m also doing some fun giveaways at each signing (HINT: $2,000)
See the exact dates and times for these events.

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  • Heather Pechin Myers

    Ahh, man! I’m in Indy but I’m not in town that day! Have a great day anyway!

  • Keith Bunn Jr.

    My wife & I will be in Indy on the 24th to get our books signed & to go to the Legacy Journey Live Event.

  • Jordan Ticaric

    i wish you were coming to Chicago. I’d also hand a resume to accompany my application to the College position! 🙂

  • Aubree

    Dearest Rachel, You completely forgot the Midwest 🙁 I live in South Dakota and you forgot to come to SD or ANY surrounding states! Or anywhere in the midwest really. 🙁 I still love you and I will probably still buy your book. But know that I’m bummed. 🙁

  • Devon

    I’m not seeing the Oklahoma dates listed on the website.

  • Kevin JUstice

    We will be volunteers @ the Indianapolis event. We can’t wait!!!!