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Daily Gratitude Challenge

There are SO many things in life that we need to be grateful for! So starting today, I’m challenging you to post one thing you’re grateful for on social media using the hashtag #actuallyblessed. Let’s stop comparisons by displaying gratitude for what we have!


  • Jill Fischer Goldbach

    I’m so challenged when it comes to social media except for the basics of Facebook. I will post on that, but I’m not sure how my other social media accounts work. I really need to get with the times! In the meantime, I’m posting here that I love watching Rachel on You Tube! I’m also grateful for having the privilege of being raised as a Catholic and now as an adult being introduced to traditional Catholicism. I often compare myself with others (I really need to read Rachel’s book!), but what really matters most is that I follow the true Church that was founded by Christ almost 2000 years ago. Nice houses can’t compare to that!