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How to Be a Gracious Gift Giver and Receiver

Christmas isn’t just about gifts, but chances are you’ll be giving and receiving a few over the next couple of weeks. Here’s a quick reminder to be a both a gracious gift giver and a gracious gift receiver this season!
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  • Pat

    This is great advice. I especially like the gift receiving faces….priceless!

  • Hannah Reid

    The last four years I have made my dad a calendar of pictures of his grandchildren. I have a good time making it and reviewing the year and I enjoy seeing him open it and looking at all the pictures on Christmas. Plus, it is great to see all year long hanging at their house!

  • William Morales Jr

    Best Gift Given: nI was 11 or 12. My brother who is 3 years younger decided we would save all of our money and buy my parents a gas grill! We were probably on the lower end of middle class and these were really new types of grills in the late 80’s, early 90’s (charcoal was still most popular in terms of grills and what people bought). But even being as new of a “technology” as it was… at least in our minds… we found the cheapest one possible. It was 100 dollars, but that was everything we had! (it was all of our birthday, Christmas, and other holiday money we collected throughout the year between the two of us.) We had a friend from the family drive us over to get it and I think they even helped us with the 6 dollars in tax that was charged on the grill as well.nnnnMy brother and I did not expect the reaction we got from our parents. My mom started crying with the gesture, which I think made us cry, and my dad stood shocked. I could tell that they knew we really thought hard and did our best. You can see the pride and humility in their eyes. It was one of the best gifts given I could ever remember.

    • Keri

      That is so sweet, made me cry! What a generous and thoughtful present!

      • William Morales Jr

        Thanks Keri… Something I will never forget for sure!

    • Michelle S

      That is amazing! Truly shows how pure both of your hearts were at such a young age! Tears came to my eyes while reading it!

      • William Morales Jr

        Thank you Michelle! We always pray it remains that way and that we can pass it to the next generation.

  • Keri

    My favorite present received was an American Girl Samantha doll, my parents are very frugal and I had looked through the catalog for a few years (they had just come out) it was the only thing I received that year (it was enough, I never noticed until years later) but I was so excited and really treasured Samantha, she has now been passed down to my daughter.

  • Michelle S

    THE best gift I’ve ever received came from my sweet aunt in my late teenage years. I had previously requested that my grandmother write down some of her recipes for me but before she got around to it, her hands became too shaky to write legibly. Years passed and I chalked it up to something that just wasn’t going to happen. One Christmas night after most of the family had gone home, my aunt handed me a gift bag. In it was a recipe box filled with recipe cards containing favorite family recipes, helpful tips and even a family memory and whose favorite dish it was written on the back. It was such a thoughtful gesture that still means so much to me. These aren’t just recipes but part of my family legacy that I can someday pass down to my own children.

  • Rachel Ware

    My favorite gift received is this year’s from my husband and 4 young sons (7. 5, 3, 7 months).nThey were completely sneaky and did a covert operation to surprise me.nMy 5 year old picked out a necklace and the others picked out a whole outfit to match it! A complete sweater, shirt, pants, purse, scarf, earring, and necklace ensemble!… It fits, the colors are beautiful, and they obviously know me well. nI love the gift and the intentional planning and thought my boys put into it. MY BEST GIFT EVER!

  • Meg

    The best gift I’ve ever given was a few years back. My parents are divorced, and my mom gave me this big box of pictures that she no longer wanted to lug from house to house as she and her husband moved every few years. I loved the pictures as many were of my life with my parents, grandparents and brother but many of them were deteriorating. I bought a scanner and scanned all 1500+ photos, and divided them up between mom’s family, dad’s family and our family together. I then made a photo slideshow on a DVD for each parent (and my only surviving grandmother). My dad was teary eyed as soon as the DVD turned on with a photo of his father. He didnt have any photos of his parents or from his past (because my mom had them all!). Many photos, he had no idea were taken. Well, not only did I stop the photos from deteriorating any longer by scanning them digitally, both sets of parents have an electronic photo album they can pop in at any time and watch the photos (or let stream on their TVs as we did on Christmas). This was a gift of time and love, and everyone who received it loved it.

    • Eileen Hoke

      I love this story, it hit home for me. As I wish, I have wished I could have gotten something from Our family, happy times. Or at least my brother and I thought it was…turns out the joke was on us. Our parents didn’t stand a chance at having a good marriage Because our male sperm donor couldn’t keep his pride and joy, let me give it to anyone who steps up for it….sex! Screwed around with mom’s sister from the start. I have about 5 maybe 7 pictures, my mind is a blank on some of the past. As male sperm donor, had his way with his daughter, Me. The happiest days of my whole life are gone Dad died. Mom is crazy and disowned us both, for reasons that don’t even matter anymore. As for the pictures I thought I needed….turns out I don’t. Shrink helped me see…Memories are like pictures, Kinda! But at 52 yo I’ll take it. Your story is beautiful I’m glad I stumbled upon it….Thank U, and all these comments I read…it is truly nice some families are kind and loving to each other. In 2010 the man, of my life time prayer, found me…I finally have relaxed after 5 1/2 years. I’m safe, no one will hurt me again. I gave up, I thought I was never destined to have true love, a home, people that cared, other than 1 aunt and my brother. Now I do, life is good, now that I’m over halfway to death….not to mean that badly, I mean it to be a good thing…I never thought I would find it, Or it find me. Thank You Lord for all the men who hurt me, for all the abuse from men, I know it was a path I had to take…to get here,where I belong……….Amen

  • awink

    Well said. And I will practice receiving gifts in the mirror today! haha I love your videos. You always make me smile and even chuckle sometimes! (Like today!) Thank you for that! I receive your gift of laughter today! (And I didn’t even have to practice saying that!) ­čÖé

  • You are so funny! I’m definitely going to practice my gift-receiving face in the mirror. Great tip! I usually give hand-knitted gifts because I love knitting and gifting my projects to family and friends. Everyone is always so thankful and impressed that I made such a unique gift for them. It sometimes makes me feel awkward because I’m just doing something I love and don’t really know how to react to a giftee’s gracious acceptance of it and praise of my work. (I also sell my knits at Great video!

  • Sue Woods Stone

    Best Gift Received: Times were tight. When I fell ill, we lost 3/4 of our annual salary (it’s been 12 years). I’ve never made a clothing budget a priority; Mark wants me to have nice things. So, I went online one October and made a wish list of sale items. I handed it to him and asked if he would choose ONE of them for my Christmas gift. Christmas morning I opened — not one, but FIVE packages! He had gone the next day with one of our sons and bought everything on the list! Giving: I look forward each year to learning the favorite characters of my young nieces and nephews, so I can crochet them a winter hat!